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AMATYC 2021 Community Project

Though the AMATYC Conference in Phoenix has ended, be sure to check out the Local Events Site to see the amazing outcome of the Community Project!

Thanks to the generosity of AMATYC members, the Kamanzi Secondary School will receive $7770 to help students. These funds will wipe out the outstanding debt owed to the school for books and materials for 100 students, purchase uniforms for 50 students, and buy feminine sanitary products for the female students! Words cannot adequately express the hope and relief this gift will bring to the families of these students, who struggle to put food on the table, let alone pay for school supplies and uniforms. Moreover, the entire Kamanzi community benefits when inequities are dismantled with books and materials put into one pool for everyone’s use, and for girls in particular who miss school due to insufficient menstrual products.

The AMATYC 2021 Phoenix Local Events Committee thanks all who donated to this year’s AMATYC Community Project.

Remembering Dave Graser (1965-2020)

By Kathryn Kozak (CCC, AMATYC President)

It is with sadness that I write today about the passing of David Graser. Dave, as most of us called him, was very involved in AMATYC. Dave was the digital products coordinator for Beyond Crossroads. He was also the chair of the Technology in Mathematics Education (TiME) committee and so he worked on the “Proctored Testing For Courses Taught At a Distance” position statement. He is the reason for this phrase “When tests are used as an assessment of student learning for classes taught at a distance” since his assessments in his classes were not tests and he wanted to make sure that faculty weren’t forced to use tests. Dave was always pushing the envelope in his teaching of students. Recently, he was involved in writing IMPACT and in the development of IMPACT Live! now part of myAMATYC ( AMATYC has lost an incredible volunteer and leader. 

Dave has been my friend for many years. I first met Dave at an ArizMATYC conference. ArizMATYC meets in conjunction with the statewide math articulation task force. Dave and I served on this task force for many years. We worked together integrating many of the ideas that we learned at AMATYC conferences into our state-wide mathematics curriculum. Dave was also the webmaster for ArizMATYC, creating and maintaining He was also part of the LEC for the upcoming AMATYC Annual Conference in Phoenix in 2021. On the lighter side, it is because of Dave and his love of beer that ArizMATYC bi-annual affiliate meetings start with a pre-registration happy hour at a local brewery. 

Dave taught at Yavapai College in Prescott, Arizona, since 1998. In the words of the president of Yavapai College, Lisa B. Rhine, “{Dave}was tireless in his pursuit of improving how math was taught. Dave had a passion for teaching and mentoring and would go above and beyond for his students.” He used mostly project based assessment and had published a project based math textbook. The mathematics department at Yavapai College is grieving as much as members of ArizMATYC and AMATYC. Dave’s love of mathematics and teaching was second only to that for his family, whom he always spoke of with affection and humor. Dave is survived by his wife, Leslie and their 10 year old son, Bowen. Dave will be missed by many and certainly AMATYC and ArizMATYC have lost a gem of a person, and I have lost a dear friend.


Dave’s obituary and tribute wall can be viewed at


Comments from around the state:

I’m so very sad to hear this. He was a great man. I will miss his gentle teasing about not accepting Yavapai College’s job offer.  To honor him a group of ArizMATYC people were working to nominate him for AMATYC’s Teaching Excellence award.  He will be greatly missed. ~Laura

That is so very sad. I will miss his playful teasing, sarcastic wit, and outrageously funny stories. Math in Arizona lost a true advocate for mathematics and students. Please pass on Kristina and I’s condolences to his family and let us know if there is anything we can do to help his family financially.  ~Andy

He was so young too!  :(.  ~Matt

He was a great voice of reason in our meetings and an advocate for students.  I remember him talking recently of how valuable time was to him as a cancer survivor.  It is heart wrenching to know his time has come to an end, and a great loss to our ArizMATYC and Arizona community.  Will keep his family in my thoughts and prayers.  ~Laurel

Dave will most certainly be missed! He was funny, witty, talented, and a friend to all. While I had many opportunities to hang around Dave at ArizMATYC and AMATYC meetings, none were more eventful and fun than the time we spent together in the Jacksonville airport following the AMATYC conference. Our flight home to AZ was canceled after extreme delays and the journey to find alternate flights left us stranded together for hours. I will cherish the delirious laughter and airport shenanigans we shared on that trip. My thoughts and prayers are with Leslie and Bowen, his friends and family, and his colleagues near and far.   ~April

Extremely sad to hear of Dave’s passing. His last trip down to Tucson for the MAT142 conversation a year ago gave me hope he was doing well in the fight. My condolences to his wife and son. I always appreciated his viewpoint on statewide math and community college challenges. He will be missed. ~Jeff

This is devastating news…I also have appreciated David’s work to improve mathematics education. He will be missed indeed…  ~Scott

Dave will be missed. His joy in trying new technology was contagious. He always was advocating for students and never lost his desire to learn new things. His gift for sharing his ideas, his mathematical gifts, and his love of beer will be missed. Thanks, Dave, for all you taught me! ~ArizMATYC WebPadawan

Summer 2019 Regional Meeting in TX

The AMATYC Southwest Region is hosting a regional conference at Collin College – Preston Ridge in Frisco, TX (outside Dallas-Ft. Worth) on June 7-8, 2019. All are welcome – and please spread the word!

The conference theme is BIG Ideas in Texas! Where everything is bigger in Texas, we are certain you will gain BIG ideas that will enlighten and inspire you as a mathematics educator! Members of TexMATYC, along with the AMATYC Southwest Region, have been working diligently to create a wonderful conference for all to learn, grown, and enjoy.

Conference Highlights:

  • Keynote Speaker: Dr. Linda Braddy, Vice President for Academic Affairs at Tarrant County College and Past Deputy Executive Director for the MAA. Linda’s talk tiled Critical Mass is sure to be inspiring and thought-provoking!
  • Morning Yoga: On Friday, June 7th, the program will include a morning yoga session to get our creative juices flowing!
  • Social Hour: On Thursday, June 6th, we will have a “Meet & Greet” social hour to network and learn!

Do you have an idea or class activity to share with colleagues? Have you been involved in a project that others should know more about? Have you conducted research on the teaching and learning of mathematics that you would like to share with others? If so, come present your work at the AMATYC Southwest Regional Conference!

Presenter Application Deadline: May 10! Submit proposals here!

Early Registration Deadline: May 17th! Register here!

About Frisco, TX:

With a population of approximately 181,000, Frisco, TX is part of the Dallas-Fort Worth metro area, located about 25 miles away from Dallas Love Field and Dallas-Ft. Worth International Airports. In 2017, Frisco was the fastest-growing city in the U.S. and also the fastest-growing city in the nation from 2000 to 2009. Money Magazine ranks Frisco as #1 in The Best Places to Live in America in 2018. With an average high/low temperature in June of 92°/73°, feel free to visit for a few extra days. If you love the outdoors or even prefer doing indoor activities, there is something for all, so take advantage of exploring Frisco to see why people love living in Frisco!

Project ACCCESS, Cohort 15

AMATYC Project ACCCESS Link Open!

March 5, 2018

Good news!  AMATYC Project ACCCESS is recruiting for Cohort 15

and will be accepting applications until May 15th.

Math faculty for whom the 2018-2019 academic year will be the first, second or third year of their first full-time, renewable position at a community college are invited to apply to be a Project ACCCESS Fellow. If you are ineligible, please consider encouraging faculty who are new to your department to apply.

Project ACCCESS is a mentoring and professional development initiative for two-year college mathematics faculty. The project’s goal is to provide experiences that will help new faculty become more effective teachers and active members of the broader mathematical community.

This year Project ACCCESS will be selecting its 15th Cohort. Project ACCCESS Fellows will attend the 2018 AMATYC Conference near Orlando, Florida, and the 2019 AMATYC Conference in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. While attending these AMATYC conferences, Project ACCCESS Fellows will participate in sessions specifically selected for Fellows just starting out in their career as two-year college faculty.

Project ACCCESS provides a tremendous opportunity for new faculty to learn and grow. For more information click here.

Again, the application deadline is May 15th 
with selected Fellows being notified by July 1st.

Christy Hediger
AMATYC Project ACCCESS Coordinator

News from AMATYC (Fall 2017)

By Kathryn Kozak, VP of the SW Region

I have enjoyed being the Vice President of the Southwest Region of AMATYC for these last five and a half years. I have especially enjoyed attending ArizMATYC conferences and continuing to be involved in ArizMATYC. I know the next Vice President of the Southwest Region will represent the region very well.

The election for AMATYC officers is completed and the new board will start on January 1, 2018. For the Southwest region April Ström from Scottsdale Community College in Scottsdale, AZ, is the new vice president. I extremely appreciate the members of AMATYC electing me as the President-elect of AMATYC. I look forward to serving AMATYC in this new position.

I hope that you are planning to attend the Annual AMATYC Conference in San Diego, AC, November 9 to 12. In addition to the great conference sessions, the exhibits, and the opportunities for networking with colleagues around the country, you will also be there for the unveiling of the new standards document called AMATYC IMPACT. I look forward to seeing you at the conference.

Lastly, I want to thank you all for having the faith in me to elect me for 3 terms as the Vice President. I am honored.

News from AMATYC

By Kathryn Kozak, Southwest VP

During the first weekend of April, the AMATYC board met to discuss many topics. One of the major topic discussed was the adoption of a new mission and vision statement for AMATYC. The new mission statement for AMATYC is

To provide high quality professional development, to advocate and collaborate at all levels, and to build communities of learners for all involved in mathematics education in the first two years of college.

The new vision statement for AMATYC is

To be the leading voice and resource for excellence in mathematics education in the first two years of college.

The next step is to develop the new strategic plan. The purpose of a strategic plan is to take the organization from where it is right now (the mission) to where it wants to be (the vision). The strategic plan for 2018-2023 will be presented during a forum at the AMATYC Annual Conference in Denver. If you are attending the conference, please attend the forums to provide your input. The board will approve the final version of the strategic plan at its spring board meeting of 2017, and present the plan to the delegate assembly at the 2017 conference in San Diego.

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AMATYC Annual Conference in New Orleans

by Kathryn Kozak, VP of the SW Region of AMATYC

November 19-22 will be a great time in New Orleans. The AMATYC Annual Conference is being held in this exciting city during this time. This year there will be three themed sessions, one focused one statistics, another focused on teacher preparation, and the last one on precalculus, calculus, and beyond. Themed sessions are hosted by committees, and involve six, 15-minute sessions focusing on the theme of the themed session. The will also be a round table discussion on placement and assessment ideas. In addition, there is a research session on Thursday night, where you can see the latest research in two-year college mathematics education. The committees have been working very hard to make these sessions the best they can be. Please consider becoming involved in a committee so that you can be involved in the focus of the committees, and AMATYC, in the future. Each committee meets on Friday, November 20 from 4:15-5:45.

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