AMATYC 2021 Community Project

Though the AMATYC Conference in Phoenix has ended, be sure to check out the Local Events Site to see the amazing outcome of the Community Project!

Thanks to the generosity of AMATYC members, the Kamanzi Secondary School will receive $7770 to help students. These funds will wipe out the outstanding debt owed to the school for books and materials for 100 students, purchase uniforms for 50 students, and buy feminine sanitary products for the female students! Words cannot adequately express the hope and relief this gift will bring to the families of these students, who struggle to put food on the table, let alone pay for school supplies and uniforms. Moreover, the entire Kamanzi community benefits when inequities are dismantled with books and materials put into one pool for everyone’s use, and for girls in particular who miss school due to insufficient menstrual products.

The AMATYC 2021 Phoenix Local Events Committee thanks all who donated to this year’s AMATYC Community Project.