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April, 2002          


                                                                     EXECUTIVE BOARD

                                                                                                                                                                                                 President:                      Kate Kozak, Coconino C   

                         Secretary:                      Sue Jensen, Pima CC                

                         Treasurer:                     Anne Dudley, Glendale CC

                         Past President:              Dennis Shaw, Phoenix C   

                         Newsletter Editor:          Maxie Inigo, Cocnino CC  

                         Historian:                      Ray Battee, Cochise C       

                         Homepage Editor:          Shay Cardell, Central AC

                         ArizMATYC Homepage:




                                                                    TABLE OF CONTENTS


                         Letter from the President                                                             2        

                         Note from the Editor                                                                   2

                         ArizMATYC list serve                                                                 2                                

                         Minutes of the Business Meeting 4/06/02                                     3        

                         Campus Reports 4/06/02                                                             4        

                         ATF Report                                                                                                           7           

  Delegates Reports from AMATYC 2001                                  8        

                         Fall 2002 and Spring 2003 ArizMATYC Meetings                          10

                         ArizMATYC Election                                                                  10

                         MAA Professional Growth                                                          11

                         2003 ArizMATYC Ballot                                                  12                                          

                         Membership Application                                                              13












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Letter from The President

First, I am honored to be assuming my duties as president so early.  In case you missed the last business meeting, it was voted on that I would take over now to make an easier transition for the Phoenix 2002 national AMATYC meeting.  I hope to live up to the expectations of all of you. 


This is an exciting time for ArizMATYC.  We all know that the National Meeting for AMATYC is being held in Phoenix this year.  With the dedication I have seen from the conference committee, I know that this conference will be the “perfect”.  I am also excited by the fact that this conference is being sponsored by most of the colleges in the state, and in fact, even colleges in the southwest region.  I have attended the AMATYC conference for six years and even though they were great conferences, one college sponsored them.  I am proud of the ArizMATYC members.


I hope that everyone will attend the AMATYC conference in Phoenix.  In addition, I encourage everyone to attend the ArizMATYC meetings.  These meetings have many presentations for information sharing.  The fall 2002 ArizMATYC meeting is on October 11 at Coconino Community College and the spring 2003 meeting is on April 11 at Arizona Western College.  I encourage you to give a presentation at either of these meetings so that we can all learn from what you are doing.  If you would like to present at the fall meeting, contact Jennifer Jameson at CCC ( For the spring meeting, contact Quincy Magby at AWC (


Thank you for choosing me as your president. 


Kate Kozak





Note from the editor

Dear Everyone,


Hi, I missed you all at the April meeting. I know everyone has news, information, fun facts they want to share in the newsletter.  Please submit anything/everything to my email address  I’ll print it in the next one!!!



Maxie Inigo

Newsletter Editor.



ArizMATYC List serve


Calling all Department Chairs.  Please send the e-mail address of your entire math faculty to Shay Cardell at Central Arizona College (  ArizMATYC is compiling a web list serve so that we can share information better.  Please send this information by the end of this semester.






ArizMATYC Business Meeting Minutes 4/5/02(1:00-2:00 pm)

A.                  Call to order at 1:00 pm.

B.                   Agenda approved unanimously.

C.                   Minutes of fall 2001 meeting approved unanimously.

D.                  Officer’s Reports

1.        Treasurer’s Report

Checking account balance is $849.46.  Savings account 1 balance is $1054.93.  Savings account 2 balance is $10,606.04.  Cash on hand is $65.62 including stamps.  Total balance is $9,512.64.  Request that the $10 registration fee at the Spring 2002 meeting will go to pay the members’ dues for the next two years—approved.  Will spend some money for the AMATYC meeting to buy sun visors with the fall 2002 AMATYC conference logo.  Treasurer’s Report approved.

2.        Kate Kozak has nominated the following people:

President—Dan Russow, Secretary—Sue Jensen, Treasurer—Anne Dudley Fall 2002 ArizMATYC meeting at Coconino Community College in Flagstaff, Arizona on Friday, October 11, 2002.

Spring 2003 ArizMATYC meeting at Arizona Western College in Yuma, Arizona on Friday, April 11, 2002.

3.        Newsletter—email information that should go in newsletter to Maxie Inigo at CCC at  Newsletter should include minutes, campus reports, ballot for new officers, and any new developments.  Constitution says to do the ballot by mail in the newsletter and then send the completed ballots to the outgoing president, Dennis Shaw.  Kate Kozak will write article about the AMATYC website.

4.        Website—When members have any changes in phone numbers, email addresses, or web addresses, send the changes to Shay Cardell at  The website cost $99 per year.  Discussion about list serve.  There is a list serve, but people have to subscribe to it.  You can unsubscribe any time.  See article in newsletter about the list serve issue.

E.                   New Business

1.        Need donations for hospitality room at the AMATYC conference.  Request $200 be spent for this reason—approved.

2.        Nominations for Outstanding 2-year College Teacher—email any nominations to  Forms also on the AMATYC website.  Nominations due fall 2002.  Award will be given fall 2003.  Need at least three nominations from the region for an award to be given.  Kate brought up the issue of release time.  One suggestion is that the instructor has at least ½ load.  Others said that the last 5 to 10 years of their career be examined to see how much teaching they do.  Should it matter if the instructor is retiring?  Any thoughts on these issues send to Kate Kozak at

3.        Summer Institutes—Some people are going to a conference in Hawaii in July.  See MAA professional development page at or see the AMATYC web page. ( or for more professional development opportunities

4.        Transition of the Office of the President—Request that Kate Kozak be allowed to take over as president now so that she will already have been president for a while at the AMATYC conference this fall—approved.  A second issue is a request to permanently change the timeline for transition to the new president from January 1, to just after the fall ArizMATYC meeting.  This issue is on the ballot in the ArizMATYC newsletter.

F.                   AMATYC 2002 Conference in Phoenix, AZ

1.        Friday night event will be at the Science Center.

2.        Still need mugs for the centerpieces at the Saturday morning breakfast.  If you didn’t get an email to give your college president, let Anne Dudley know at  A recommendation of how many mugs to donate is ½ of 1 percent of student population.  If you need to ship the mugs, contact Howard.

3.        Moved Hospitality Room into a double meeting room that will have ½ email room and ½ hospitality room.  Will have to let people know that there will not be email access at night.  Share any ideas on hospitality room with Anne Dudley or Kate Kozak.

4.        Discussion on T-shirts.  Will make about 50 t-shirts to give to people who help with the AMATYC meeting.  Will also give people the opportunity to order a t-shirt when they register for the conference.  May also have some t-shirts available to sell at the conference.






G.                   Information

1.        Fall 2002 ArizMATYC meeting at Coconino Community College in Flagstaff, Arizona on Friday, October 11, 2002.  Will give tours of new CCC campus.  Will have ATF meeting.  For more information or if you are interested in presenting contact Jennifer Jameson at

2.        Spring 2003 ArizMATYC meeting at Arizona Western College in Yuma, Arizona on Friday, April 11, 2002.  Will have on the same weekend as the Birding Festival in Yuma.  Will invite high school instructors and faculty at Imperial Valley College in California.  For more information or if you are interested in presenting contact Quincy Magby.

3.        Dan Russow suggested that we have a roundtable at the ArizMATYC meetings to discuss concerns that community college teachers have and then make these concerns known to administrators and legislators.  Dan Russow and Anne Lindner will facilitate this at the fall 2002 meeting.

H.                  Meeting adjourned at 2:07 pm



Campus Reports

ArizMATYC/MAA Southwestern Section Joint Meeting

Friday, April 5, 2002  (10:30 am to 11:30 am)

Yavapai Community College

§         Will no longer be using Academic Systems

§         Has architectural plans for new renovations of their facilities

§         Hiring a new faculty position to replace retiree Peter Berney

§         Piloting a Learning Communities program

§         Students are writing in College Algebra with Math Soft

§         Working on NSF grant to increase the number of students with disabilities in math/science programs

South Mountain Community College

§         Has a new president

Scottsdale Community College

§         Hiring 3 new faculty members

Rio Salado Community College

§         Not in attendance

Pima Community College

§         New developmental education plan (asked to do this for accreditation)

§         Purchasing Academic Systems

§         Going for one text for Beginning Algebra and Intermediate Algebra

§         Modifications in Occupational Education program

§         New northwest campus in Marana in Fall, 2003

§         Looking for new chancellor

Phoenix College

§         Has a new president

§         Title V grant (5 years for $5 million)

§         Hiring 4 new faculty members

§         Has a new department chair

Northland Pioneer College

§         Acquisition of land for new Painted Dessert Campus

§         Short-staffed

Mesa Community College

§         Has a new building

§         Had 40 people who competed in math contest

§         New Intermediate Algebra book

§         Service Learning Project

§         New Red Mountain campus is going well

§         Next year:  Outreach program with math/science department

§         Has eight OYO’s (one year only’s) in math department

§         Hiring 4 or 5 new faculty members


Glendale Community College

§         The department chair Al Shipley has retired.  They have a new chair

§         Ed Hutton has also retired

§         Hiring 3 new faculty members

§         The president of the college is leaving

§         Had NCA visit—received 10 year accreditation

§         SEMS program (Science/Engineering/Math Mentoring)

§         Learning Communities Program

§         Multiple Intelligences Program

Gateway Community College

§         Not in attendance

Estrella Mountain College

§         Hiring 2 new faculty members

Eastern Arizona College

§         Has a new department chair, Debra Green

§         Has 2 new hires in math department

§         President is also new

§         Has several construction projects

Diné College

§         Very short-staffed (only 2 faculty for all of math and science)

§         Hiring 2 new faculty members

§         Has a difficult time finding adjunct faculty

Coconino Community College

§         Has a new Flagstaff facility (still working on minor details)

§         New Williams facility is done

§         Page campus is renovated

§         4th street Flagstaff campus will be remodeled summer 2002

§         NCA visit from April 15-17

§         Hiring 2 new faculty members (one on Flagstaff campus and one on Page campus)

§         New College Algebra book for Fall 2002

§         ArizMATYC meeting at CCC on Friday, October 11, 2002

Cochise Community College

§         Working on Math web site

§         New P.C.’s and servers in math/science building

§         Using Aleks in Developmental Education classes

§         New Calculus book (Larson)

§         Faculty load going up to 34 hours per year and office hours going down to 8 hours from 10 hours

Chandler/Gilbert Community College

§         Learning Community (Intermediate Algebra and English 101)

§         Has a new president

§         Need mugs from Southwest campuses for AMATYC 2002 meeting

Central Arizona College

§         Learning Community (Indians of the Southwest, Math, and Study Skills)

§         Will be doing a new Learning Community in the Fall (Archaeology, Math, and Study Skills)

§         2 of the campus are getting rid of Academic Systems

§         Online courses:  Introduction to Algebra, Intermediate Algebra, College Algebra with My Math Lab

§         Problems with posting positions on AMATYC? —email them to Shay Cardell at

Arizona Western College

§         Using Aleks with Pre Algebra

§         Using Interactive Math with Beginning Algebra and Intermediate Algebra

§         Yuma has had trouble with finding high school teachers so they may be starting a 2+2 program with NAU

§         Articulation meetings with grades from K-20

§         ArizMATYC meeting at AZ Western College on Friday, April 11, 2002

§         Math Awareness Contest for students with cash prizes and the winners seen on T.V.


Grand Canyon University

§         Not in attendance

Northern Arizona University

§         Has another new president

§         Looking for provost, dean

§         Roy St. Laurent will remain chair of math department

§         Received renewal of REU program (Research for undergraduates)

§         Pugh grant for College Algebra with computers (using Aleks for this)

§         Looking at new delivery methods for Pre Calculus

University of Arizona

§         New integrated learning center for math with $25,000 of technological equipment in each classroom

§         New head of the math department

§         Will offer an accelerated version of College Algebra with 3 credit hours as well as the 4 credit hour College Algebra

§         Short on space, so they are remodeling a storage building near the math building

§         Noted problem of perception of math departments by other departments at CRAFTY meeting with business department

Arizona State University

§         Math department now called Mathematics and Statistics Department

South Mountain Community College

§         Hosting ICTCM workshop from May 20th through 24th, 2002

§         Guadalupe site is now doing a full math program

§         Using pad-cams and laptops

§         2 students from South Mountain Community College have been chosen to participate in NASA program where they will go to Cape Kennedy and work with astronauts.  Note:  no other college or university has ever had 2 students selected for this.



New Mexico


Eastern   New Mexico University

§         Has a new president

§         Hiring 2 new faculty members

University of New Mexico at Valencia

§         Piloted 1 credit math anxiety class and a 1 credit problem solving class

New Mexico Tech

§         Has a newly renovated building with a coffee/espresso maker

§         Hired 2 new faculty members (Partial Differential Equations—tenured and Statistics—not tenured)

§         Will hire 2 new faculty members (Statistics and Applied Math—both tenured)

§         Had Applied Math Problems Workshop

§         2003 MAA meeting will be in Socorro, NM

Western New Mexico University

§         Building Global Resource Center with offices, technology, and auditorium

§         Chair retiring this year

§         Sent a team to National Math Modeling Contest—honorable mention

§         Any information, news, etc., please send to Tom Gruszka, the editor of the MAA Southwest Region newsletter




El Paso Community College

§         Conducting a book search for a combined text for Beginning Algebra and Intermediate Algebra

§         Has 5th president in the past 3 or 4 years

§         Looking at Aleks for technology in the classroom

§         Joint NewMATYC and TexMATYC meeting May 17-18 with Preconference workshop.  See conference website on NewMATYC or TexMATYC website.  Link to these will be coming on ArizMATYC web site


Finished at 11:30 am.



From:                        Zoila Gamero De Tovar <>




 Submitted by: Eric Kostelich, Professor and Associate Chair for undergraduate Studies,

 Dept. of Mathematics, Arizona State University, Tempe, AZ 85287‑1804.  Telephone:  (480) 965‑5006.  Fax:  (480) 965‑8119.

 The Mathematics ATF meeting was called to order at 1 p.m. Friday, Oct. 12, 2001 at Eastern Arizona College in Thatcher.

 Ron Keith from Eastern Arizona was the APASC representative.  He distributed copies of the current course equivalencies for each Arizona community college to the respective representatives, and changes and corrections were noted.  Ron will forward the changes to the appropriate people.

 Eric Kostelich from Arizona State University chaired the remainder of the session.  Two topics were addressed:

 1.  Effective immediately, ASU will accept either MAT 114 or MAT 117 (or their ASU equivalents) as prerequisites for MTE 180 (Theory of Mathematics for Elementary School Teachers).  Effective Fall 2002, transfer courses must also require the equivalent of MAT 114 or 117 as prerequisites for them to be granted one‑to‑one equivalency to ASU's MTE 180.  MAT 114 or MAT 117 are required courses in the AGEC‑A, which is required for associate's degree transfers from any Arizona community college to ASU.


 2.  The question of Advanced Placement calculus credit was discussed. Currently, there is wide variation between institutions on the minimum score required for credit on the AB and BC calculus examination.

 APASC has asked for a uniform policy.  The attendees decided to defer a final decision until data from the Educational Testing Service is disseminated that shows the relative success rates of students in subsequence calculus courses as a function of the AP examination score.  Eric Kostelich agreed to locate and disseminate these data. APASC also requested a uniform policy on the number of credit hours to be awarded for AP calculus.  This request generated confusion. Although no one was quite sure, the consensus belief was that AP scores are a credential that is evaluated separately from transfer credit.  Under this assumption, the exact number of credits awarded does not matter.  For example, a student with a sufficiently high score on the BC calculus exam is deemed to have satisfied the first‑year calculus requirement for all programs that require calculus at ASU and at UofA.  If such a student subsequently transfers to the other school, the credential still applies.  Therefore, if a particular program requires one year of calculus (which is 6 credits at UofA and 8 credits at ASU), the AP score automatically generates however many credits are appropriate for the particular program.

 Eric Kostelich promised to check with Zoila Gamero to verify how AP credits are transferred from one school to another. It was noted that a policy on AP statistics would also be needed, as that program is the fastest‑growing of the AP offerings.  Most institutions do not yet have a policy on AP statistics credit.


 The next Mathematics ATF meeting will be held as part of the Fall 2002 ArizMATYC meeting, which will occur Oct. 11, 2002 at Coconino Community College.  Kate Kozak of Coconino Community College will be the local organizer and main contact person.



ArizMATYC Web Page


See the  ArizMATYC Web Page for information about our membership and activities.  The page has addresses for contacting the executive board, constitution and bylaws, meeting announcements, newsletters, and links to Arizona community college math departments.  It also has links to AMATYC  and the Crossroads in Mathematics standards.


Post job openings at your college by filling in a simple form, enter your opinions in a math textbook survey, or visit the AMATYC 2002 Conference page.


We are planning a mailing list so we can contact all Arizona math teachers to invite them to our activities.


Do you have a handout from your conference presentation or an idea for a math activity?  Your contributions and ideas are always welcome.  Send your comments, suggestions, web pages, and links to Shay Cardell (




The Delegate Assembly

By Kate Kozak


While at the AMATYC conference in Toronto, I attended the Delegate Assembly.  I wanted to write about a few of the discussions that occurred.  However, I seemed to have lost my notes when I moved to the new campus.  So, I decided to talk about the main decision that was made.  Dues to be a member of AMATYC are increasing.  This is to help cover costs for the organization including increasing the salaries of the staff.  Since they do so much for the organization, the delegate assembly felt the increase was justified.  I believe that there were no negative votes.  In addition to increasing the dues for membership and institutional membership, the categories of Associate (student), Retired, and Adjunct were added.  Also you can now renew for up to 3 years with a savings or for life.  The dues are:

Regular Individual Membership - Any person interested in two-year college mathematics

1 year - $60      2 years - $115  3 years - $170


Associate        $10 Year          Full-time student, non-voting member.


Life      $1,200    


Institutional    $300 Year         Institutional Membership contact persons are not entitled to hold office, be committee chairs, editors, coordinators, delegates, or vote in elections unless they are also individual members or life members. This membership includes one complimentary early registration to the annual conference.


Special Membership Categories - Full-time math faculty excluded


Retired -$30 Year        Does NOT include receiving The AMATYC Review, membership drive information, voting rights, or eligibility for AMATYC office.


Adjunct - $30 Year      Does NOT include receiving The AMATYC Review, membership drive information, voting rights, or eligibility for AMATYC office.


While looking for information on the delegate assembly, I went to the AMATYC web site,   I have to admit that I haven’t spent much time at the web site so I wasn’t aware of all of the information it contained.  I was pleasantly surprised.  The web site is a great resource.  First there is information on conferences and workshops that I could attend.  By the way, the Phoenix conference is advertised right in the middle of the home page.  In addition, position papers, which are usually presented during a delegate assembly, are also posted.  These are wonderful resources since they give an insight into policies and beliefs of AMATYC.


There are many other links.  A few are links to all of the affiliates so that you can see what the other affiliates are doing.  There are links to the AMATYC committees and to other organizations.  There are even job listings not that I am looking.  If you haven’t checked out the web sites, I highly suggest that you take a look.  It will be worth your while.





Lessons Learned in Toronto

By David Graser

PRESCOTT, AZ - As I sit in my office in Prescott gazing through the window at snowflakes, it is hard to believe that I was in Toronto only a few weeks ago. The weather was warm and the city was intriguing. Each afternoon I wandered a short time through Chinatown, the mall or along the waterfront in search of the real Canada. I came back with a stuffed moose.


The 2001 AMATYC conference was extremely well organized. I had only been to one other AMATYC conference in Atlanta and the Toronto committee surpassed that meeting in terms of organization and preparedness. I had no problem finding any of the presentations and water was always available at tables conveniently located throughout the meeting rooms. I attended a number of presentations and I found them to be well done. I was disappointed that the level of technology has not evolved much since Atlanta, but that is not indicative of our profession. I enjoyed meeting some of the names on my bookshelf like Rockswold and Kaseberg. As I attended the last few meetings for the 2002 AMATYC conference, I realized that we will have to work hard to top Toronto. Here are a few of my observations:


Lesson 1: Don’t base the location of your hotel on the Starbuck’s on the corner. Toronto is a great city to walk in. I explored the downtown area with many of my colleagues in the evenings. It seems as though there was a Starbuck’s on every other block. I counted a total of 14 Starbuck’s (not counting the one in the airport). Perhaps we should have some good maps of the downtown area and historic districts for people who like to wander.


Lesson 2: The bodies on the sidewalk grills are not dead. Although downtown Toronto is relatively crime free, there are a lot of homeless people who keep warm by sleeping on the vents from the high rise buildings. Without exception they were harmless and only volunteered to hold a contribution for me until my next paycheck. I don’t know if the locals in downtown Phoenix will be so accommodating. We need to caution convention attendees on the more dangerous parts of the downtown area.


Lesson 3: You can drink the water, but the hemp beer made my tongue numb. Downtown Toronto had a huge number of restaurants and clubs. I ate dinner in a brewpub called C’Est What? (Chicken Tikka Masala), a British Pub (Brit Burger) and at a Swiss restaurant called the Movenpick (Saint Galler Rosenkallbratwurst).  I win the award for the meal with the longest name. One of the things that make a conference so much fun is experiencing food that you would not normally try. The conference hospitality suite had a list of good local restaurants, their cuisine, relative distance and prices. It made it easy to pick out where I wanted to eat each evening.


The AMATYC 2002 Committee has already put in a lot of work. It may not seem appreciated yet, but somewhere in the country next December people will be singing the praises of Phoenix. Let’s make sure that the Phoenix conference is the best it can be and make the Dudley household a happy home.




Fall 2002 and Spring 2003 AMATYC Meetings


The Fall ArizMATYC/Arizona Math Consortium Southwestern meeting will be held on October 11, 2002 at Coconino Community College in Flagstaff Arizona.


This is a great time to share what you are doing in your classroom with your colleagues statewide and to find out what others are doing.

 We want to hear from you about:


What are you doing that is new? 

Do you have an innovative way to teach a topic? 

How are you using technology?


If you would like to do a presentation or lead a discussion, Let us know what you are doing. Come to the ArizMATYC meeting to give a presentation.   Contact Jennifer Jameson at

 to sign up to give a presentation. Include a brief abstract and the amount of time you would like to have (10 minutes, 20 minutes, 30 minutes, or 60 minutes).

Come to the ArizMATYC meeting to see what others are doing.






It is time to elect new officers for ArizMATYC.  To help you in your decision, you will find short bios of each candidate.  Enclosed is the ballot.  Please return it to Dennis Shaw, Phoenix College, by April 30, 2002.


President-elect Candidates

A Short Bio of Dan Russow


I received my Master's Degree in Mathematics from the University of California, Santa Barbara in 1992. I have been teaching full-time at Arizona Western College since 1993 and have been a member of ArizMATYC for most of those years.  I am currently the ATF representative for Arizona Western College and was part of the group of folks who developed the common numbering system for the State of Arizona in mathematics classes.  I am also active in the Mathematical Association of America and am the MAA liaison for Arizona Western College.  I have presented at several local, state and national conferences, took part in the SUMMA MainSTey program, and continually dialogue with math educators nationwide.  I have developed expertise in teaching with technology, distance education via television, development of on-line courses and on-line course materials, development of multimedia, and have experimented with computer-based courses.  I love to teach and love to learn and have enjoyed every day that I have spent in Arizona as a mathematics educator.




Secretary Candidates

A Short Bio of Sue Jenson


I earned both undergraduate and masters degrees at the University of Minnesota a long, long time ago. I was a graduate student at San Francisco State (the REAL home of the Free Speech movement) 1991-1992.


For about three years, I taught junior high students.  Blessings on those who can do that work and remain cheerful and optimistic.  I taught math and computer science at Normandale Community College (MN) 1974-1986, Santa Rosa Junior College (CA) 1987-1991, and Pima CC (1992-present).



Treasurer Candidates

A Short Bio of Anne Dudley


Hi, I’m Anne Dudley and I’d like to remain your ArizMATYC Treasurer.  In my years as Treasurer I have moved the data base to FileMaker Pro, created thank you letters for new and renewing members, created letterhead for ArizMATYC, and balanced the books every month (ok, every six months).  I am still working on a way to send out reminder postcards when your membership expires.


I have been active in ArizMATYC for over 10 years. I am a past President and helped to organize the regional meeting of AMATYC in Flagstaff.  I have taught mathematics at Glendale Community College for 11 years, and Mesa for one year.  I hold a B.S. and an M.A. in mathematics from ASU and an AA from Phoenix College.


By-laws Change


In addition, there is a motion to change the by-laws.  The change is:


Terms of Office

Election of all officers except that of the president will be held every two years by a mail ballot prior to December 1 the end of spring semesterr. The President Elect will assume the office of the presidency for the following term. Announcement of new officers will take place prior to January 1at the fall meeting. All officers shall assume the duties of their offices on January 1after the fall meeting.


The rationale for the change is that the president-elect can take over as president before the annual meeting.   This way the president can be involved in AMATYC for two years instead of waiting almost a year to be recognized as president by AMATYC.



MAA Professional Growth

Included here is the MAA's Professional Growth website for summer

Workshops and Minicourses.  You may want to bookmark it and refer to it

when considering a summer project funded through our own professional

growth program.


See it all at








April is Mathematics Awareness Month!





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ArizMATYC Membership Form


Thank you for your interest in ArizMATYC.  Dues are $5.00 per year.  We publish 3 or 4 newsletters a year to help keep you informed about college mathematics in Arizona and local and national meetings.  Questions? Call Anne at 623-845-3389.


Name ______________________________________________________________

College: ________________________________________________________________

Professional Address                                               Home Address


City: _______________________________City: ______________________________________

State & Zip:_________________________State & Zip: _________________________________

Phone: _______________________________Phone: ____________________________________

e-mail: _______________________________e-mail: _____________________________________

Would you prefer to have newsletters mailed to your HOME or OFFICE?  (Circle one.)

If you are renewing and your addresses are unchanged, just write 'same' on blank.

Please mail form and $5.00 dues to:

Anne Dudley

Glendale Community College

6000 West Olive Avenue

Glendale, AZ 85302


































Mathematics Department

Coconino Community College

2800 Lone Tree Road

Flagstaff, AZ 86001

Maxie Inigo, Editor

(928) 226-4246