Joint meeting with MAA

April 7-8, 2000

Arizona State University

Fall, 1999






President: Sam Borah, Pima C - West

President - Elect: Dennis Shaw, Phoenix C

Secretary: Kate Kozak, Coconino CC

Treasurer: Anne Dudley, Glendale C

Past President: Sharon Douglas, Cochise C

NewsLetter Editor: Ray Battee, Cochise C

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Fall 1999 ArizMATYC Meeting 2

Minutes of the Business Meeting

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Thanks to Jeremiah Cronin for hosting the fall meeting at Dine' college.

Congratulations to David Casey from Mesa CC for placing first in the state and

to Travis Gould from Pima CC for placing second in the state in the Student

Math League. The AMATYC Student League Contest is great for our students.

Become involved if you are not already doing so.

Please read the minutes from the business meeting and give your input

regarding how ArizMATYC funds can or should be used, and any thoughts

regarding guidelines for the fall and spring host institutions. Send your

ideas to one of the ArizMATYC officers. We will soon need to put together a

ballot for new officers. Let us know what office you would like to assume.

Plan to attend the spring joint ArizMATYC/MAA meeting at ASU, April 7 & 8. If you have not visited the

ArizMATYC web page, give it a look.


Minutes of the fall, 1999 Business Meeting

  1. Call to order at 12:58 by Sam Borah.
  2. Minutes adopted from the spring 99 meeting at Estrella Mountain.
  3. Reports:
  1. Treasurer's Report: Anne Dudley was not in attendance. Sam Borah presented the report.
  2. Approximately $13,700 in accounts. There will be a full report in the newsletter.

    $350 awarded to David Casey of Mesa CC for 1st place in the for the Student Math League. David was 3rd in the Southwest Region.

    $150 awarded to Travis Gould of Pima CC for 2nd place in the state for the Student Math League. Travis was 7th in the Southwest Region.

    Addresses are need for both so that awards may be given.

  3. Secretary: Kate Kozak had nothing to report.
  4. Newsletter: Ray Battee had nothing to report.
  5. ArizMATYC Home page: Shay Cardell was not in attendance.
  6. President-elect: Dennis Shaw was not in attendance.
  7. Regional VP: David Dudley was not in attendance.
  1. Old Business:
  1. Nomination of Anne Dudley as chair of the AMATYC Conference in Phoenix-2002:
  2. The Officers made a written request for Anne to become chair of the Phoenix conference. A motion to nominate Anne was made and passed.

  3. ArizMATYC logo: The logo that was sent to Pittsburgh was presented.
  1. New Business:

a.) Hospitality Room donation:

$100 donated to Pittsburgh for Hospitality Room at AMATYC conference. The officers approved this. The question was raised about what authority the Officers are given. Sam will get a copy of the by-laws to see if this authority is addressed.

  1. Delegates to Pittsburgh:
  2. Last year the President and President-elect decided not to use ArizMATYC funds set aside for the AMATYC

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    meeting since they didnít need the money. Instead $195 was given to two of the Delegates for travel use to

    Portland. This year the motion was passed to give each delegate $100 to use for travel to the AMATYC meeting in Pittsburgh. The delegate's chosen were Kim Rogalski from Cochise, Ray Battee from Cochise, Sam Borah from Pima, and Jeremiah Cronin from Diné.

  3. Incorporation and insurance for affiliates-NY:
  4. A question was raised by NYSMATYC about incorporation and insurance for the affiliates, specifically related to conferences. It seems that they were asked for insurance certificates to protect them and the meeting facilities from lawsuits. NYSMATYC wants to know if any other affiliates have had these requests and what the affiliates feel about this issue. They want to know to what extent is the board legally and individually responsible for lawsuits. In addition, what is the most prudent route (insurance, incorporation, etc) to handle such matters? There was a discussion about if we need to obtain insurance. Since more information is need, this was tabled. A suggestion was made to have this discussion at the AMATYC Conference during the Southwest meeting.

  5. Committee formed at the Spring 99 meeting:
  6. A committee was formed at the spring 99 meeting to investigate the use of ArizMATYC funds. The committee was to bring back proposals to a future meeting. At this time, the committee has not met.

  7. Spring joint ArizMATYC/MAA meeting is scheduled for April 7 and 8, 2000 at ASU.
  8. Fall ArizMATYC meeting is scheduled for October 13, 2000 at Yavapai Collegeís Prescott Campus.
  9. Spring 2001 ArizMATYC meeting is scheduled at Phoenix College. Date has not been set yet.
  10. Guidelines for host institution:
  11. Officers need to draw up guidelines for ArizMATYC meetings so that some consistency would be maintained between meetings. Some feedback included that it would be helpful for planning meetings. In addition, this would help the host institution arrange for book companies to be in attendance. The book companies need to be contacted 6-8 months in advance. A suggestion was to make the spring meetings the standard meeting for the book reps to attend.

  12. Election of Officers:
  13. Officers will need to be elected soon. Let an officer know at the spring meeting if you are interested in serving. Elections would be at the fall 2000 meeting.

  14. Adjournment at 1:20.

Fall, 1999 Financial Report

As of January 2000

Checking $1,551.03

Savings I $1,037.06

Savings II $10,465.62

Cash on hand $34.00

Stamps $19.44

Total $13,107.15

This Fall checks were written to our four delegates (Ray Battee, Sam Borah, Teri Glaess & Dennis Shaw) to the national convention in Pittsburgh. The $100 stipend for each helps to defray the cost of traveling to a national meeting. If you are interested in being a delegate, contact Sam Borah.

David Casey (1st place - $350) and Travis Gould (2nd place - $150) were the student winners of the Math Competition. Congratulations to them!!!

Respectfully submitted,

Anne Dudley, Treasurer

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Campus Reports

Arizona Western, Central Arizona, Chandler-Gilbert, Eastern, Embry-Riddle, Estrella Mountain, Gateway, Grand Canyon, Mesa, Paradise Valley, Rio Salado, Scottsdale, South Mountain, Arizona State - No Report.

Cochise - Now offering MAT122, MAT151, and MAT212 online with plans for MAT082 and MAT182

Coconino - New President on board. Received a Title III grant for professional development in

Distance delivery. Enrollments have increased 8%. Still using reform Calculus text.

Dine - Have instituted MATH114 (quantitative reasoning) - Collegiate Mathematics. Have asked for an increase

from two to three credits for Trigonometry. Will be changing the number of Brief Calculus from MATH199 to

MATH212. Will be testing an accelerated option for three levels of developmental math, MATH099, this summer.

Both campuses have agreed on a common exit exam for Intermediate Algebra.

Glendale - 28 full time and 50 part time instructors. MAT108 tutoring course has led to a 76% completion rate as

compared to 40% for those students who do not take the tutoring course.

Mohave - Down to four full time math faculty (and 20 part time) - two full time not replaced. Reorganization

including deans over four district-wide divisions. Non-credit developmental courses are being offered using

uncertified instructors. Offering some self-paced instruction requiring 85% to pass with some success

Northland Pioneer - NCA visit in two weeks. New buildings in Showlow and Winslow. A revamped video system has

allowed doubling of the math video presentations. All courses now follow the common numbering system.

Common finals in 2/3 of courses. Using graphing calculators and offering workshops to students.

Phoenix - In partnership with a local elementary school.

Pima - Much remodeling going on. Now using Banner. Six new faculty. Using Compass for placement.

Yavapai - Using Academic Systems in one classroom with about half the classes being developmental. Each follows the

same schedule as traditional courses.

Northern Arizona - Placement is still primarily by SAT/ACT scores. If students have four years of math in high school,

they go right into College Algebra regardless of scores on SAT/ACT. Precalculus is now four hours. Not happy

with the textbook for the quantitative reasoning course - no good textbooks seem to be available.

U of A - MAT117 is changed to Mat110 (just the number). Received a 3-year $.5 million grant to develop Business Math

(see . By Sp 2001 all sections will be in the new

format with emphasis on technology. Also have a grant to teach Grad students how to teach.


Spring 2000 ArizMATYC MEETING

Call for Presenters!

Calling all those who would like to make a presentation at this yearís Spring ArizMATYC Conference to be held at Arizona State University. Please, come share your new teaching tip, your technological know-how, or mathematical expertise with your colleagues who are always hungering for new information regarding mathematics and mathematics education. Talks by graduate and undergraduate students are strongly encouraged. In addition, a prize will be awarded for the most original use of the number 2000 in a presentation.

Date: Friday, April 7 and Saturday, April 8, 2000. Page 5

This Spring's meeting will be held jointly with the MAA Southwest Regional. Mike Brilleslyper and Matt Isom will be organizing the meeting. Please send them your proposal which should include a title, brief abstract, length of talk and a list of technology needs.

For those participants arriving in Tempe on April 6th, we will have a sunset hike up nearby A-Mountain followed by dinner at a local restaurant. There will be a banquet on Friday night.

AMATYC 2002 Planning Session

It's time to start planning! In 2002 AMATYC comes to Phoenix and we need a theme, a logo, speakers, committees and lots of help. What are you good at? Volunteer early and volunteer often.

Right now we need ideas for keynote speakers. Send me names of folks you've heard talk that are really engaging. We work with the AMATYC Board to choose speakers for the opening session and breakfast. We can also select some featured speakers for the program.

Currently we are thinking that the theme should be centered around the word "Perfect." In 2002 we will be hosting the 28th AMATYC and 28 is a perfect number. The weather should be perfect in November and we all know they'll have a perfect time in AZ. We need a catching one line phrase and logo. Is there a perfect desert plant? A saguaro? An ocotillo? Or should Camelback mountain be our logo? Look around. Send me ideas.

I need volunteers for the following jobs: signs, hospitality room, Friday night bash, Saturday breakfast decorations, tours, Internet connections, local interest table, local restaurants info, and bag stuffing.

E-mail or call me with your thoughts and ideas. Plan to attend the spring meeting on Friday April 7, 2000 and attend the 2002 planning meeting. I look forward to working with all of you again. We had an incredibly successful regional meeting, thanks to your help. Now it's time to think bigger!

Anne Dudley



















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ArizMATYC Membership Form

Thank you for your interest in ArizMATYC. Dues are $5.00 per year. We publish 3 or 4 newsletters a year to help keep you informed about college mathematics in Arizona and local and national meetings. Questions? Call Anne at 623-845-3389.

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Please mail form and $5.00 dues to:

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