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November, 2002            


                                                                     EXECUTIVE BOARD

                                                                                                                                                                                                 President:                      Kate Kozak, Coconino C   

                         Secretary:                      Sue Jensen, Pima CC                

                         Treasurer:                     Anne Dudley, Glendale CC

                         Past President:              Dennis Shaw, Phoenix C   

                         Newsletter Editor:          Maxie Inigo, Cocnino CC  

                         Historian:                      Ray Battee, Cochise C       

                         Homepage Editor:          Shay Cardell, Central AC

                         ArizMATYC Homepage:




                                                                    TABLE OF CONTENTS


                         Letter from the President                                                                       2         

                         Minutes of the Business Meeting 10/11/02                                              2         

                         Campus Reports 10/11/02                                                                      3

                         Treasurers Report                                                                                 4

                         AMATYC 2002                                                                                     5

                         ArizMATYC Fall Meeting                                                                       6

                         ArizMATYC Web Page                                                                          6

                         Math ATF ATAC Report                                                                                                 7             

  Spring 2003 and Fall 2003 ArizMATYC Meetings                         7

                         Membership Application                                                                         8

















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Letter from The President


I want to thank everyone who attended the Fall ArizMATYC conference.  The turnout was great and the sessions received great reviews. Many new faces were at this meeting.  I am happy to see that the ArizMATYC conference is becoming more and more a place to discuss ideas and meet new people.  I look forward to the Spring ArizMATYC conference in Yuma.  I hope that you can all attend.  Speaking of meetings, I hope everyone is ready for the AMATYC meeting in November.  A good time should be had by all.  See you then.


There are many changes facing our state, so if you have any topics you would like to discuss at a future meeting please feel free to contact me.


Kate Kozak






ArizMATYC Business Meeting Minutes

Coconino Community College Lone Tree Campus, Flagstaff

October 11, 2002



The meeting was called to order at 1:00pm. AMATYC Southwest Region Vice President Mary Robinson encouraged nominations of outstanding instructors from our campuses for the AMATYC Teaching Excellence award. Nomination forms are available at; the deadline for nominations for this year’s awards is December 9. In addition, there will soon be a call for nominations for various AMATYC offices, including the Conference Exhibitions Chair (3-year term).


Anne Dudley presented the treasurer’s report.


Past President of ArizMATYC is Dennis Shaw, Treasurer is Anne Dudley, Secretary is Sue Jensen, and President-Elect is Dan Russo from Arizona Western. Shay Cardell continues to build and maintain the ArizMATYC website (


President Kate Kozak and President-Elect Dan Russo are automatic delegates to the AMATYC conference. Additional state delegates (two-year commitment) are volunteers Quincy Magby and Howard Speier. Registration for these delegates is paid by ArizMATYC.


Maxie Inigo reported that it is difficult to produce a newsletter three times per year. She will finish out the year, but would like to have someone volunteer to replace her. One more newsletter will be published before the national conference.


Anne Dudley spoke about bandanas, mugs, and t-shirts for the Phoenix conference. It was voted to order 100 t-shirts for workers at the conference and pay for them from ArizMATYC funds. Those attending the conference from ArizMATYC must pay for a two-year ArizMATYC membership ($10) to receive a free t-shirt.


The Spring 2003 ArizMATYC meeting is scheduled for April 10-11 at Arizona Western College, conference titled “The Future of Technology in the Mathematics Classroom.” The Fall 2003 meeting will be at Scottsdale CC.












Campus Reports

Kate Kozak called the meeting to order at 9:15 am. ArizMATYC members were welcomed to the campus by Jerry Baker, Dean of Arts and Sciences, Coconino Community College.


Arizona Western:  Position open in engineering. Charles Godfrey teaching a math immersion summer program for elementary school teachers (8am to 5pm). Quincy Magby invited everyone to attend the “Future of Technology” conference to be held at Arizona Western next April. Website:   


Central Arizona:  John Irvine reported they are running a summer workshop for elementary school teachers. Using MyMathLab for Intermediate Algebra on the Computer course, using same text for lecture classes.


Chandler-Gilbert: Continues to grow; developing a booklet to incorporate Excel into their courses.


Coconino:   Recently received ten-year accreditation. Using MyMathLab in college algebra classes; offer Precalculus and college algebra on ITV. Will offer MAT 142 online in spring.


Cochise:    Kim Rogalski reported that they successfully prevented the Cochise College governing board from requiring instructors to teach 18 units per semester (they remain at 15.)


Diné: Math faculty increased from two to five with the addition of Ray Williams, Dave Matthews, and Sharon MacKendrick.


Eastern Arizona:  Debra Green announced new courses in statistics and dynamics. New campus president and vice president.


Gateway:    Enrollment exploding. Now have four fulltime faculty and nine adjunct. Offer an online physics course.


Glendale:   Recently reaccredited for 10 years. Now have thirty-one math faculty. Busy with preparations for the AMATYC conference in Phoenix in November. A party for those working on the conference is scheduled for Sunday, November 10, 5:00pm at Anne Dudley’s home. Bag-stuffing for the conference will begin at 3:00pm. Anne would like all donated college mugs to have arrived by that time.


Mesa: Math department in same division with Computer Science. Added four new faculty, now have a total of forty-one full timers.


Northland Pioneer:      Plan to rename college algebra “Advanced College Algebra,” in an attempt to discourage students from thinking that this is the first course they should sign up for upon entrance to the college. Have a need for more adjunct faculty. Administration cut in order to give faculty a 5%-9% raise.


Phoenix:    David Dudley (currently on sabbatical) reported they have added six new faculty. David is working on a project for MTE 598 (Math Teacher Education), taught at Scottsdale CC, working on writing labs to correct misconceptions in mathematics.


Pima: Received grant for developmental education, currently using Academic Systems in a small number of basic math, prealgebra, elementary, and intermediate algebra classes. Faculty finally have student academic histories available as a step toward mandatory placement. Considering common final exams for “college prep” or developmental courses. Two new courses (Math for Elementary Education majors) to be offered beginning this spring.  New Northwest Campus to open Fall 2003. Anticipate at least two new faculty will be hired this winter. Pima now offering courses in Gila County.


Scottsdale: New chair is Connie Carruthers. Have a reading group that meets for discussion twice per month; participants earn 1,2, or 3 credits through simultaneous enrollment in an ASU class. Use Maple in calculus. Offer math methods course for those with university degrees who want to be certified for elementary education.


South Mountain:   Have an opening for a one-year position. Have a teacher education program. Have incorporated an honors program into most courses.


Yavapai:    Considering adding a course before basic math, perhaps taught in modules, for those students who are not prepared for basic math. Dave Grazier using writing to teach algebra.


UA:   Richard Thompson reported that the department offers both three-credit and four-credit college algebra courses. Also offer a two-semester 300-level math for education majors course (contact David Gay or Fred Stevenson.)  Business math course will be published by MAA.


ASU:  Glenn Hurlbert is undergraduate chair. Huge increase in students at the same time as they have lost tenure-track faculty (down from 60 to 50.)


NAU:  John Hagood reported that they started to use ALEKS for college algebra last spring, but scrapped it at mid-semester because of fatal flaws. He would be happy to provide details. They are now using MyMathLab.



Treasurer’s Report


As of October 2002,


            Checking            $633.15

            Savings I         $1,055.55

            Savings II        $7,554.11

            Cash on hand         $95.00

            Stamps               $10.62

            Total             $9,348.43


At the fall meeting checks were written to our four delegates (Quincy Magby, Kate Kozak, Maxie Inigo & David Graser) to cover the cost of registration at the national convention of AMATYC in Phoenix.


Please join me in welcoming five new members: Frank Chavez, Coconino CC; Debra Green, Eastern Arizona; Sharon MacKendrick, Dine College; Thomas McKown, Coconino CC – Page; and Mary Robinson, UNM –Valencia.


We approved the money necessary to purchase 100 shirts for ArizMATYC members to wear at the AMATYC meeting in Phoenix.


Respectfully submitted,

Anne Dudley, Treasurer









AMATYC 2002 – A Perfect Conference

By Anne Dudley



I hope that you have registered for the 28th annual national AMATYC meeting that will be held this fall in Phoenix.  It’s not very often that a conference of this caliber comes to our own backyard.  From November 14th through the 17th the Phoenix Civic Plaza will be filled with two year college mathematics faculty sharing their knowledge and expertise on a variety of topics.  The program is going to be perfect this year.


Dr. Marie Pepicello opens the conference with thoughts on how mathematics theorems enhance leadership.  Dr. Carl Pomerance’s breakfast address will abound with numbers, perfect and others.  Scott Flansberg, the human calculator, and Dr. Michael Starbird give invited addresses that will amuse and challenge you.  Be sure to sign up for the special symposium on diversity in the math classroom presented by Dr. Julliann Weissglass.  With more than 175 sessions to choose from, you are sure to find something that will be useful in your classroom.


We are still looking for volunteers to help us make everything run smoothly.  Share your enthusiasm in the hospitality room, help us set up for the breakfast or Friday night, move boxes or teardown at the end of the conference.  We need your hands.  Contact the following folks to help out:

ü      General Help –

ü      Friday night –

ü      Saturday Breakfast Set –up (Friday at Noon) –

ü      Hospitality room –

ü      Email Computers –

ü      Signage –

ü      Bag Stuffing –


Finally, mark your calendars for the final prep meeting and party on Sunday, November 10th at 3:00 pm at the Dudley’s, 1301 W. Mulberry, Phoenix.  Get your t-shirt, have some barbeque, and help stuff the bags.  RSVP to Anne Dudley at 623.845.3389 or




Anne Dudley









ArizMATYC Fall Meeting

Mary Robinson, AMATYC SWVP


On Friday, Oct. 11, I attended ArizMATYC’s Fall 2002 meeting.  This is the first meeting of the Arizona AMATYC affiliate that I have had the privilege of attending, and I thoroughly enjoyed the experience.  I was particularly impressed with the first session on the program, a Sharing Session for all of the colleges in the affiliate.  At this meeting, representatives from Arizona colleges reported on changes in personnel, curriculum, textbooks, course titles, and any other newsworthy happenings at their institutions.  It seemed clear that this session contributed to the connectedness the conference attendees exhibited during the day’s activities.


Despite the jokes about the unfinished look of their new building J, Coconino Community College is beautiful both in its architecture and its magnificent forest surroundings.  In addition, it is equipped with the most current instructional technology and plenty of room for growth.


To anyone who attended the planning session, it was clear that the Phoenix AMATYC Conference Committee, chaired by Anne Dudley, has everything well in hand for the upcoming November conference.  Last minute details were discussed and finishing touches were put on plans for ensuring that everyone attending the conference would have a perfect conference experience (I had to throw that in somewhereJ).   It is exciting that the ArizMATYC membership has shown so much support for the 2002 AMATYC Conference with their willingness to help in any way necessary.  


It was great to get to meet so many ArizMATYC members and learn about what is happening in Arizona with respect to two-year college mathematics education.  From attending sessions and networking with colleagues, I got some great ideas to take back to my affiliate and to my classroom.  I am looking very forward to seeing everyone again at the Phoenix Civic Plaza, Nov. 14-17 for the 28th Annual AMATYC Conference, and then again on April 10-11 at Arizona Western College in Yuma, for the 2003 Spring ArizMATYC meeting. 


ArizMATYC Web Page


See the  ArizMATYC Web Page for information about our membership and activities.  The page has addresses for contacting the executive board, constitution and bylaws, meeting announcements, newsletters, and links to Arizona community college math departments.  It also has links to AMATYC  and the Crossroads in Mathematics standards.


Post job openings at your college by filling in a simple form, enter your opinions in a math textbook survey, or visit the AMATYC 2002 Conference page.


We are planning a mailing list so we can contact all Arizona math teachers to invite them to our activities.


Do you have a handout from your conference presentation or an idea for a math activity?  Your contributions and ideas are always welcome.  Send your comments, suggestions, web pages, and links to Shay Cardell (






From: John Wilson [johwil@MOHAVE.EDU]

The  Math ATF met at Coconino Community College on Friday, October 11.


The mathematics common pathway is AA SR, and it is AGEC-A. There is no change in the common courses.


CEG updates:

Due to the fact that the following math courses have Intermediate Algebra as a pre-requisite (and not college Math or College Algebra), ASU no longer accepts the following for MTE 180 and 181, but will accept these classes as Department Elective Credit.

Central Arizona College:  MAT 200 and 201

Coconino:  MAT 130 and 131

Coshise:  MAT 125 and 126

Dine:  MTH 107 and 109

Mohave:  MAT 125 and 126

Northland Pioneer:  MAT 131 and 132


The preceding courses will be considered for transfer for MTE 180 and 181 when they require College Math or College Algebra as a prerequisite.


Other information:

AP scores were discussed.  The following decisions were made:


For the Calculus AB test, a score of 3, 4, or 5 will earn the student credit for Calculus I.


For the Calculus BC test, a score of 3 will earn the student credit for Calculus I; a score of 4 or 5 will earn the student credit for Calculus I and Calculus II.


For the Statistics test, a score of 3, 4 or 5 will earn the student credit for Statistics I.



Spring 2003 and Fall 2003 AMATYC Meetings

As you are well aware, technology in mathematics is crucial in today’s society.  Students must know the features and usage of computers, calculators, and software.  Arizona Western College realizes this important need, so our math department is hosting the Spring ArizMATYC Math Conference entitled “The Future Of Technology In The Mathematics Classroom” on April 10-11, 2003.

This conference is addressed to mathematics educators and professionals who wonder about using the latest computer technology in their classrooms. The purpose of this conference is to bring math educators together to learn about innovative technology and classroom strategies to improve mathematics education.

For more information, please contact me or visit our web site at:

Look forward to seeing you in Yuma.

Quincy Magby
Professor of Mathematics
Arizona Western College
P.O. Box 929
Yuma, AZ. 85365
(928) 344-7782

The next Math ATF and ArizMATYC/Arizona Math Consortium will be Friday, October 10, 2003.  The meeting will be held at Scottsdale Community College.  Connie Carruthers has agreed to be host and chair.









ArizMATYC Membership Form


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