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                        Fall, 2001 MEETING

                           October 23, 2001




October, 2001                               


                                                                     EXECUTIVE BOARD

                                                                                                                                                                                                 President:                      Dennis Shaw, Phoenix C   

                         President - Elect:           Kate Kozak, Coconino C   

                         Secretary:                      Sue Jensen, Pima CC                

                         Treasurer:                     Anne Dudley, Glendale CC

                         Past President:              Sam Borah, Pima CC                                                       Newsletter Editor:          Maxie Inigo, Cocnino CC  

                         Historian:                      Ray Battee, Cochise C       

                         Homepage Editor:          Shay Cardell, Central AC

                         ArizMATYC Homepage:




                                                                    TABLE OF CONTENTS


                         Letter from the Editor                                                                            2

                         Minutes of the Business Meeting 2/23/01                                                2

                         Minutes of the Business Meeting 10/12/01                                              3

                         Campus Reports  2/23/01                                                                                   4

                         Campus Reports  10/12/01                                                                     5

                         ArizMATYC Board Elections                                                                  6

                         ATF Report                                                                                                                         6

                                 ArizMATYC Web PAGE                                                                                                   7

 Suggested Guidelines for meetings                                                                                 7

 History Corner                                                                                                                     8

 Delegates to AMATYC                                                                       8

                         Spring and Fall 2002 ArizMATYC Meetings                                             8                     

                         AMATYC 2002                                                                                     9

                         Party                                                                                                   9

                         Membership Notice and Application                                                         10


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Letter from the editor


Dear Everyone,


Hi, I missed you all at the October meeting.  This is my apology for not getting a newsletter to you until now.  However, it takes more than one person to create a newsletter!!!  There were no articles submitted to me for inclusion. What’s up with that? I know everyone has news, information, fun facts they  want to share.  I’ll put it together if you tell me what you want.  Please submit anything/everything to my email address  I’ll print it in the next newsletter!!!



Maxie Inigo

Newsletter Editor.



ArizMATYC Business Meeting Minutes

February 23, 2001

ArizMATYC Business Meeting

  1. Call to order at 1:40

B.   Agenda approved with addition of I. demonstration and workshop designed to do Live Math interactive web pages.

C.  Approval of minutes from Fall 2000 meeting.  Approved.

  1. Officers Reports.

1.       President-elect: nothing to report.

2.       Secretary: not in attendance.

3.       Treasurer: Balance is $11,601.50, with $801.15 in checking, $1050.61 in savings 1 and $9670.43 in savings 2, $10.31 in stamps, and $69 in cash.

4.       Newsletter editor: Maxie has enjoyed doing the newsletter.  She is not changing the design but would like too.  Please contribute information to be put in the next one.  She will be putting information about the Input Award awarded to the Maricopa Project.

5.       Homepage editor: Textbook survey on the web page to compare textbooks.  Job page also added.  The newsletter is posted on the web site.  There are links to web pages for Arizona community colleges math web sites.  If there is no link to your site let Shay know.  There is also links to Crossroads and AMATYC.

6.       Historian: Pictures from AMATYC Chicago conference may be on the website or in the next newsletter.

  1. Committee Reports:

1.       Phoenix 2002: still need volunteers if you want to join.  Let Anne Dudley know.  The colors for the conference will be turquois and copper.  The logo has been decided and will be a sheriff’s badge with the perfect number theme.  There will be an organization meeting this summer on a Friday around June 20th in Prescott.  The Keynote and breakfast speakers have been decided.  Let Anne know any ideas for other speakers that give the flavor of the southwest.

2.       Fall meeting will be at Eastern Arizona College October 5, 2001.

3.       Spring 2002 meeting is at Glendale Community College in conjunction with the MAA meeting.

4.       Fall 2002 meeting will be at Coconino Community College the first Friday of October.



  1. Old Business:

1.       Guidelines for ArizMATYC meeting: Draft guidelines will be posted on the website with a link to Dennis Shaw’s e-mail and will be printed in the newsletter.  Give suggestions to Dennis by the end of the semester.  Some suggestions given at the meeting are to write it as a checklist, clarify meeting dates information, spring odd year meetings should be larger, two days instead of one.

2.       Distribution list for ArizMATYC:  Suggestion was made to create a distribution list for all math faculty at two-year colleges and some of the university faculty.  Could have a staff member create this list.  Need to see if there are any funds available through AMATYC.  It was motioned and passed to secure the funds for the creation and monitoring of a statewide distribution list.

3.       Website cost: It will cost $8.95 per month or $99 a year to get a domain name and host the ArizMATYC website.  This will have 50 MB of space.  The website could be called  This hosting company has a smart mailing list that should be investigated.  It was moved and passed to spend $99 a year for web posting.

  1. New Business:

1.       Constitutional change: An addition to the job description of president-elect under by-laws section dealing with the duties of Officers.  Would add “…and Chairman of the Nomination Committee.”  Motion passed.

2.       Delegates for AMATYC conference for the next two years: Dave Graser from Yavapai and Monica Baker from Coconino.

3.       Number issues: tabled.

  1. Information: none
  2. June 1st and 2nd there will be a Live Math demonstration and workshop.
  3. Meeting adjourned at 2:35.


ArizMATYC Business Meeting Minutes

October 12, 2001

1.         The meeting was called to order at 2:10pm by President Dennis Shaw.

2.         Minutes of the February 2001 business meeting of ArizMATYC were approved, with a spelling correction.

3.         It was moved and seconded that Article II, Section 3(c) of the bylaws to the ArizMATYC constitution be amended to read: “The President-elect shall serve as Membership Chair and Chair of the Nomination Committee.”  The motion passed.

4.         Officers’ Reports:

a.                   Kate Kozak called for names of those who would be willing to be nominated for an ArizMATYC office. Anne Dudley, current treasurer, and Sue Jensen, current secretary, indicated that they would be willing to run for those offices again.

b.                   Anne Dudley distributed the treasurer’s report. The current balance is $11,496.52. Those wishing to renew their memberships should send $5 to Anne.

c.                   Three newsletters will be published each year, with submission deadlines of September 5, January 5, and April 5, and publication dates of September 15, January 15 and April 15. Maxie Inigo is the newsletter editor. Maxie’s e-mail address is

d.                   Shay Cardell, ArizMATYC Webmaster, reported that our domain name has been obtained and will cost us $99 per year. The website at contains information and useful links. Shay would like to add more to the web page, including a listserv of all Arizona math instructors. Members are encouraged to send to Shay photos of meetings and other events, job openings, presentation abstracts, department activities and projects, etc., for posting on the web page.

5.         Committee Reports:

a.                   Plans are progressing for Phoenix 2002: A Perfect Conference. It was moved and seconded that Anne Dudley be authorized to spend up to $600 for tee shirts and sun block for the Toronto conference. A second motion was made and seconded to amend the amount to $700. Both motions passed. Every Arizona attendee will receive a tee shirt to wear, and the sun block will be distributed at the Presidents’ Luncheon. All Arizona attendees are asked to volunteer to work at the table in Toronto promoting Phoenix 2002.



b.                   Future ArizMATYC meetings are scheduled as follows:

·           Spring, 2002:  April 5 and 6, 2002 at Glendale CC, contacts are April Strom (623.845.3656, and Joe Melita (623.845.3206,

·           Fall 2002:  October 7, 2002 at Coconino CC, contacts are Kate Kozak and Jenny Jamison.

·           Spring 2003:  At Arizona Western, Yuma, contact is Quincy Magby.

6.         Old Business

a.                   It was moved and seconded that up to $100 be spent to complete the distribution list of all Arizona math instructors on the ArizMATYC website. The motion passed.

7.         New Business

a.                   It was moved and seconded that ArizMATYC send a $100 donation for the Hospitality Room at the Toronto conference. The motion passed. Dave Dudley explained that donations for the Little Rock Hospitality Room totaled $400, with ArizMATYC’s $100 the largest contribution.

b.                   It was moved and seconded that ArizMATYC award 2000-2001 Student Math League prizes of $350 to first-place winner Scott Braun of Glendale CC, and $150 to second-place winner Michael Kiefer of Pima CC. The motion passed. Pima CC had the highest participation in the Southwest Region last year.

c.                   It was moved and seconded that ArizMATYC pay the $220 Toronto conference registration fee for each of our four delegates (Dennis Shaw, Kate Kozak, Dave Graser, and Maxie Inigo). The motion passed. The delegates are asked to submit conference reports to Maxie for publication in the January newsletter.

8.         The meeting was adjourned at 2:45pm.

Respectfully submitted,

Sue Jensen, Secretary


Campus Reports

February 23, 2001, ArizMATYC/ATF

AWC – piloting ALEX courses.  Has lost one instructor

CAC  – New division chair in fall.  Received a grand for $1/2 million per year for SEMA.  This is to promote underprivileged high school students into math and aerospace.  Offered as different programs in summer.  First time offered at a rural community college and west of the Mississippi River.  This is through NASA.  Working on a learning community for math, science, social studies, English, and communications for developmental students starting in fall.  April 12th is 25th annual math contest with area math high school students.

Chandler Gilbert – Short staffed.  Hoping for 2 positions in fall.  Has common finals and working on developing cohorts.

Cochise – has a new hire.  Sharon Douglas is retiring.  Hired a faculty member to work on web development.  Piloted ALEX course and Streckert series.  Has a precalculus on-line.

Coconino – New hire.  New Vice President of Academic Affairs.

Dine – not in attendance.

Eastern Arizona – not in attendance.

Emery Riddle  – not in attendance.

Estralla  – not in attendance.

Gateway  – not in attendance.

Glendale  – MAT 130 – two courses.  Should be at lower level not like at ASU-West.  Business Math I and II should be taught by the math department and not be the business department.  In April there will be a talk and possible workshop by an artist that combines math and art.

Maricopa  – realigning developmental classes to the AMATYC standards.  Instituting a 5 credit hour Arithmetic classes that will have study skills and anxiety reduction.

Mesa  – has a one-year only.  Remodeling classroom buildings.  Staffing a center with one math teacher and upper level math classes.  Business department wants to usurp the MAT 172, 212 classes.

Mohave  – not in attendance.

NPC  – Reviewed curriculum.  Increased pre-requisites on classes.  Business math now has a pre-req of pre-algebra.  Doing textbook adoption.  Math Fest is March 9th. 

Paradise Valley – not in attendance.

Phoenix College  – opened math/science computer lab, using Maple in calculus sequence and integrating into curriculum.  By fall want all classes to have access to labs.  Software provided by publisher and using ALEX.  In fall will have on-line classes.  April 20th is Math Awareness Day.

Pima  – adopted U of A Business Math I and II (called MAT 173, 174).  Received developmental Education grant to provide supplies for the classes such as laptops for instructors, zip drives, and training and development.  Piloting on one campus.  In fall will pilot 4 classes.  Two new positions in fall.  Using Math excel on-line.

Rio Salado  – growing.  Named in partnership with Army.  Received a Pew grant.  Uses Academic Systems software for distance delivery.

Scottsdale  – new Dean of Instruction.  Developed a reading group to read current articles on different topics and then discuss.  Reading group has become a 500 level course at ASU.  5th Annual math/science field day where area high school math students come and compete in exams and learn what opportunity the students have for employment at 2 year schools.

South Mountain  – not in attendance.

Tonho Oodam  – 3rd semester with 140 students.  FTSE is 35.  Teaching developmental math.  Students still co-enrolled with Pima for accreditation.  Smallest class has 4 students, largest with 13.

Yavapai  – $70 million bond passed.  Will be renovating buildings on Prescott campus and building on other campuses.  Will have new numbers by fall.  Trying block courses for development where students take 12 credits together this fall for the first time.  Students will stay in the same block and graduate in 2.5 years.  Students start in developmental courses.

ASU  – no change to MTE 180 and 181 with articulation.  Students must now do both and there is no college algebra pre-requisite.

ASU-West  – not in attendance.

NAU  – Murphy Johnson and Larry Perko are retiring.  College Algebra will not be removed from the general studies list.  Received a grant from NSF for putting computer technology in classrooms for courses that count toward liberal studies.  Received a Pew grant to put course on-line.  President leaving.  Hiring 4-5 new instructors.  MS in statistics has been approved. 

U of A  – Sherman Flasket retiring.  Internal review is done, starting external review.  Business math I and II complete requirement for Business College.  Using gateway exam in Calculus II but may abandon since not working real well.

Campus Reports

October 12, 2001

ASU:                            Not present (late-no report)

ASU-West:                    Not present

Arizona Western:           Have a new Math Lab, trying ALEKS.

Central Arizona:             Eliminating Academic Systems due to inability to keep up with hardware requirements; will use Addison Wesley’s My MathLab instead; starting first SEMA program (science, engineering, math outreach to K-12) west of the Mississippi.

Chandler-Gilbert:            Not present

Cochise:                       Have obtained 15 computers and five servers for computer-aided classes; offering MAT 142 for the first time this spring; new three-tiered pay schedule for adjunct instructors based on their educational level and semesters of experience.

Coconino:                      One new fulltime instructor; new campus opens in January; doing NCA self-study; have a new assessment project; will probably use Bittinger text with MathXL for College Algebra.

Dine:                             Two faculty members left, one replacement hired so far; have experienced problems with the Hornsby/Lial college algebra text because of too much emphasis on the graphing calculator.

Eastern Arizona:            Two new faculty hired this year; upgraded their computer lab for math; using distance-learning classroom for college algebra, maybe trig next; trying to revive the engineering program.

Embry Riddle:                Not present

Estrella Mountain:          Not present

Gateway:                      Not present

Glendale:                      New building, new chairperson; hosting Spring 2002 meeting. Anne Dudley is arrangements chair for Phoenix 2002.

Mesa:                           Not present


NAU:                            Interim chair; Pugh grant funding prototype lab using ALEKS for college algebra; Murphy Johnson among recent retirees; four new faculty.

Northland-Pioneer:         New buildings at several sites; enrollment up; each faculty member teaching over 20 units; have updated MAT 142 curriculum; increased intermediate algebra from three to four credits; moving out of lab and into lecture setting.

Paradise Valley:                        Not present

Phoenix:                       One opening, maybe more; several grants; overhauled Math for Elementary Teachers course; investigating alternative delivery methods; have about a 50/50 split between day and evening students.

Pima:                            Construction complete at Desert Vista, East and West campuses, but continuing at Downtown; one opening for next fall; new Math Center open at East housing all math tutoring, small-group classes, just-in-time lecture series, family math nights; new MAT 051 class (Math Study Skills) designed by Theresa Riel, currently using ALEKS; ALEKS used in four sections of elementary algebra at East; several sections of the new Math for Business courses; all-college emphasis on developmental education; still struggling with mandatory assessment/mandatory placement issues.

Scottsdale:                    Trying Academic Systems in arithmetic classes with classes limited to 15 students in three high-tech classrooms with PCs and Macs; arithmetic through college algebra available as self-paced independent study courses (see their web page for details); two or more openings for next fall; nine designated math classrooms (they have “room moms”); have supported learning communities for two years with good retention rates.

Rio Salado:                   Not present

South Mountain:            Not present

Tohono O’dham:            Not present

UA:                               New department head is Nick Ercolani; major budget cuts expected to affect adjunct instructors; committee now studying whether to decrease credit for college algebra from four to three credits.

Yavapai:                        Community campus absorbed into regular campus; one opening (maybe more) for next fall; ongoing construction; MAT 142 cancelled three years in a row; graphing calculators required in intermediate algebra and above; NSF grant for developmental education; using Academic Systems at a cost of $70 per student but retention is lousy; currently piloting Study Works in writing-based college algebra class requiring monthly research papers.



At the last ArizMATYC Business meeting a change to the By-laws were made to the duties of the president-elect.  The president-elect now chairs a nomination committee for new officers.  Well the time is coming near to nominate new officers.  I need a few individuals who are willing to serve on the committee to recruit officers.  The positions are president-elect, secretary, and treasurer.  If you are interested in serving on this committee please contact me as soon as you can since nominees are needed by January 5th.  If you are also interested in running for one of the offices, please let me know.  I have started recruitment already, but I could use your help.


Kate Kozak




The Math ATF met at Eastern Arizona College on Friday afternoon, May 12, 2001.

There were two minor business matters concerning the CEG.

EAC --  MAT 130 and MAT 135 should transfer to ASU as MTE 180 and MTE 181. MAT 150 and MAT 155 are no                longer taught.

AWC -- MAT 221 should transfer to the U of A as MAT 124 instead

             of MAT 125.

Appropriate paper work has been sent to the universities involved.

There were no other issues concerning the Course Equivalency Guide. There were, however, a few *editorial* corrections.

Coconino-- * MAT 130 should say *Math for Elementary Teachers I.* MAT 131 should say *Math for Elementary Teachers II. Coconino asks to have MAT 184 deleted as they no longer teach it.

Central   --  Please consult with your Math ATF member.  There seems to be some confusion in the titles of MAT     220 * 221, 230 * 231, and 240 * 241.  They need to have the titles *clarified.*

The committee had a lively discussion concerning AP credit.  They could not come to any agreement because none felt qualified to make any decisions without further input from their various faculty groups.  All agreed to discuss the situation with their respective schools and hope to come to a consensus in the spring meeting, or at least not later than next fall. At least they are aware of the issue, and are not afraid to address it.

ASU explained in a bit more detail their MTE 180 and MTE 181 courses and their applicability to Elementary Education majors.

Next fall*s meeting is scheduled for Coconino Community College the first Friday in October.

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to give me a call.


Ron Keith                            




ArizMATYC Web Page


See the  ArizMATYC Web Page for information about our membership and activities.  The page has addresses for contacting the executive board, constitution and bylaws, meeting announcements, newsletters, and links to Arizona community college math departments.  It also has links to AMATYC  and the Crossroads in Mathematics standards.


Post job openings at your college by filling in a simple form, enter your opinions in a math textbook survey, or visit the AMATYC 2002 Conference page.


We are planning a mailing list so we can contact all Arizona math teachers to invite them to our activities.


Do you have a handout from your conference presentation or an idea for a math activity?  Your contributions and ideas are always welcome.  Send your comments, suggestions, web pages, and links to Shay Cardell ( 


Draft of Suggested Guidelines for ArizMATYC/MAT ATF Meetings


1.       The fall meeting will be the main articulation meeting of the year.

2.       The spring meeting will be a joint meeting with MAA on even numbered years.

3.       The dates and location of the meeting should be decided at least one year in advance.

4.       Suggested meeting dates are early October every year and February/March in odd years.


The host institution should be responsible for the agenda.  The agenda or a tentative agenda should be mailed to the ArizMATYC membership at least one month prior to the meeting, and in addition, for spring meetings on even years sent to MAA members.  This early mailing should include a campus map showing parking and the location of the meeting.  A list of some motels, restaurants, and local attractions should be included.  Any special announcements should be made at this time, such as an evening dinner.  As soon as possible any information should be sent to the person in charge of keeping current the ArizMATYC Homepage.  When the spring meeting is joint with the MAA, the information regarding the meetings should be sent to the respective person for ArizMATYC and for MAA who is responsible for maintaining the Homepage.  Campus reports/Articulation should be in the morning allowing at least one hour.  The ArizMATYC business meeting should be right after lunch.  The host institution should contact the statewide articulation representative at ASU prior to the meeting.    The host institution for spring shall have the option of inviting text representatives and other technical representatives to attend and set up displays.  The invitations need to be sent to the companies about three months in advance.  Officers should meet prior to each ArizMATYC meeting.



History Corner


Name the nine former Presidents of ArizMATYC, in order of service. The winner will receive a T-shirt advertising the 2002 AMATYC conference in Phoenix.


Send your response, via email, to Ray Battee, Cochise College:


The winner will be drawn from the set of PERFECT responses!



Delegates to AMATYC


ArizMATYC sends four delegates to the national meeting of AMATYC each year.  This year ArizMATYC voted to pay the registration fee ($205) of these delegates.  Dennis Shaw (ArizMATYC president), Kate Kozak (president-elect), Maxie Inigo, and Dave Grasser will be our delegates in Toronto



Spring and Fall 2002 ArizMATYC Meetings


The Spring 2001 MAA/ArizMATYC/Arizona Mathematics Consortium Southwestern meeting will be held on April 5 and 6, 2002 at Glendale Community College in Glendale Arizona.

This is a great time to share what you are doing in your classroom with your colleagues statewide and to find out what others are doing.  If you would like to do a presentation or lead a discussion, please contact . April Strom at (623)845-3656, or Joe Melita (623)845-3206,  .  Include a brief abstract and the amount of time you would like to have (10 minutes, 20 minutes, 30 minutes, or 60 minutes).


The Fall ArizMATYC/Arizona Math Consortium Southwestern meeting will be held on October, 11, 2002 at Coconino Community College in Flagstaff Arizona. For more information contact Kate Kozak at  .








Attention all lucky individuals attending the 2001 AMATYC meeting in Toronto!!!

There are a few things we need help with to promote the 2002 AMATYC meeting in Phoenix. 


Thanks and have a wonderful trip to Canada!!!!!



There will be a party for all individuals helping to plan the 2002 AMATYC meeting.  The party will be during the weekend before the AMATYC meeting, tentatively it is set for Sunday, November 10, 2002.  Come celebrate and maybe help with a few last minute chores.  It should be a lot of fun.  See you there!!!!!


Here is a list of volunteers, there is still time if interested.  Please contact Anne Dudley at the e-mail below if you would like to participate.

Chair; Anne Dudley, Glendale CC,

Local Interest: Natalie Rivera, Estrella Mountain CC, 3000 N. Dysart Rd,

Avondale, AZ 85323,

Hospitality: Kate Kozak and Maxie Inigo, Coconino CC, 3000 N. Fourth St.,

Flagstaff, AZ 86004, and

Saturday Breakfast: Melinda Rudibaugh and Howard Speier, Chandler‑Gilbert

CC, 2626 E. Pecos Rd, Chandler, AZ 85225, and

Tours: Nancy Fray, Phoenix College, 1202 W. Thomas, Phoenix, AZ 85013,

Friday Bash: Ann Lindner and Teri Glaess, Ann is at South Mountain CC, 7050

S. 24th St., Phoenix, AZ 85040,, and

Teri is at Scottsdale CC, 9000 E. Chaparral Road, Scottsdale, AZ 85250,

Technology: Scott Adamson, Chandler‑Gilbert,

Signs (and everything else): David Dudley, Phoenix College, 1202 W.

Thomas, Phoenix, AZ 85013,





I would like to wish everyone a happy holiday season!  See you next year!




ArizMATYC Membership Form


Thank you for your interest in ArizMATYC.  Dues are $5.00 per year.  We publish 3 or 4 newsletters a year to help keep you informed about college mathematics in Arizona and local and national meetings.  Questions? Call Anne at 623-845-3389.


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Would you prefer to have newsletters mailed to your HOME or OFFICE?  (Circle one.)

If you are renewing and your addresses are unchanged, just write 'same' on blank.

Please mail form and $5.00 dues to:

Anne Dudley

Glendale Community College

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Glendale, AZ 85302













Mathematics Department

Coconino Community College

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P.O. Box 80,000

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Maxie Inigo, Editor

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