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President: Sharon Douglas, Cochise CC, Sierra Vista, AZ

President - Elect: Sam Borah, Pima CC - West, Tucson,

Secretary: Sue Jensen, Pima CC - East, Tucson, AZ

Treasurer: Melinda Rudibaugh, Chandler-Gilbert CC, Chandler, AZ

Past President: Anne Dudley, Glendale CC, Phoenix,

NewsLetter Editor: Ray Battee, Cochise College, Douglas,

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I would like to extend to each of you an invitation to the Sierra Vista Campus of Cochise College on Friday, Oct. 9, for the fall meeting of the Arizona Mathematics Consortium and ARIZMATYC. Although it may be a long drive for many of you, try to attend this beneficial time for exchange of ideas and information. Many of our state participants have expressed a willingness to present topics. Lunch will be provided by the vice-president for Instruction. You will be provided with information on activities happening in our region. Perhaps your calendar will include Monday, Oct. 11, as a holiday and you could enjoy a weekend in cool, southern Arizona.

 I was introduced to ARIZMATYC by my friend and mentor, Beth Roberts, who is retiring this May. I'm happy for her to have this time to pursue other interests. However, her cheery disposition and words of encouragement will be missed here at Cochise and around the state. Back in the early 90's, Beth was president of ARIZMATYC and I managed to be secretary-treasurer and put out the newsletter. I wonder from where the energy came. Thanks, now, to Ray Battee, an outstanding newsletter editor, another colleague with a cheery disposition and always encouraging me. I take this opportunity to express my gratitude to these two special mathematics instructors at Cochise College.

 Perhaps the best aspects of our state meetings are the friendship and mutual respect we develop for one another.

Hope to see you in October.

Sharon Douglas

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April 3, 1998 - Pima Community College, West Campus

Minutes of the Business Meeting

 The meeting was called to order by President Sharon Douglas at 1:10 pm.

1. Minutes of the previous meeting were printed in the last issue of the state newsletter.

2. Melinda Rudibaugh presented the Treasurerís report. Currently ArizMATYC has $10,077.60 plus $931.35 in savings, $2,694.34 in checking, $74.32 in cash and $23.36 in stamps, for a total of $13,700.97 in assets. $500 has been designated for prizes for state winners of the AMATYC Student Math League competition ($350 for first place, $150 for second place.) Do we need to designate some seed money for the AMATYC national convention to be held in Phoenix in 2002? There are 260 "members" of ArizMATYC, of whom only 60 are current with respect to their dues. Please renew by sending $5 (what a bargain!) to Melinda.

3. Since this meeting is a joint one with the MAA, it was requested that we ask for part of the registration money collected by the MAA; SW Region governor Joann Peeples will be asked about this. Anne Dudley moved that each conference attendee be given a two-year extension on ArizMATYC membership, Kate Kozak seconded this motion, and it passed on a voice vote. It was also requested that student attendees be given their registration money back.

4. Next fallís ArizMATYC meeting will be held at Cochise College in Sierra Vista on a Friday in October. There will be no registration fee. Perhaps the spring 1999 meeting may be at Yavapai?

5. ArizMATYC elections must take place before December 1; those elected will take office on January 1, 1999. Sam Borah will become President at that time. Nominations were accepted from the floor:

President-elect: Dennis Shaw

Secretary: Kate Kozak

Treasurer: Anne Dudley

Other nominations are welcome and should be sent to Sharon Douglas as soon as possible. A ballot will be included in the next newsletter; candidates should submit biographies to Ray Battee, newsletter editor.

6. Dave Dudley moved that the ArizMATYC president and president-elect (or their designees, if they decline the money) be given stipends for attendance at national AMATYC conventions, to cover the registration cost. The motion was seconded, and passed on a voice vote.

7. Suggestions for the fall ArizMATYC meeting included (1) more campus dialogue time, (2) a discussion of dual credit issues, (3) more time to talk to each other informally, and (4) a discussion of state teacher certification issues.

8. It seemed to be the consensus that agreeing on common course descriptions is nearly impossible, due to articulation problems, curriculum rules, etc.

9. There were some questions regarding the effect on courses offered at the community colleges due to the University of Arizonaís changes to finite math/business calculus. The University will be asked to send course descriptions for new courses to all two-year schools right away.

10. Dave Dudley, AMATYC SW vice-president, encouraged more schools to participate in the AMATYC Student Math League competition, and mentioned the state awards as an incentive. He also asked each of us to nominate a colleague for the Excellence in Teaching award.

11. There is a question about what happens to excess credits under the new transfer curriculum; Dave Padgett will be asked to explain this at the fall meeting.

The meeting was adjourned at 2:00 pm.

 Respectfully submitted, Sue Jensen, Secretary

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Campus Reports

ASU: math department wants one math course beyond college algebra or pre-calculus to be required in order to meet the gen ed requirement, will pilot a liberal arts class next fall.

Arizona Western: participating in the Mainstay Program; hosting a conference on April 24 with CBL workshops (notice coming). 

Central Arizona: Wally Faucette retiring in May; $20M computer lab being constructed; 21st annual high school math contest will be held on April 30, with 600 students expected.

Chandler-Gilbert: Chuck Bedal retiring in May, one new faculty will be hired; 48 new classrooms to be added in the next year.

Cochise: will be using Sullivan for Pre-calculus.

Coconino: no report.

Dine': has one math faculty position open.

Eastern Arizona: no report

Embry-Riddle: no report

Estrella Mountain: no report

Gateway: no report.

Glendale: remodeling; hosting a math field day for high school students involving 10 high schools, offering 9 $100 prizes; Math Awareness Week includes a competition on the Web; started a Student Success class last fall.

Grand Canyon: no report.

Mesa: extending their Internet offerings (college algebra and college algebra alternative course); 25% of faculty in collaborative learning class.

Mohave: no report.

NAU: offering 3-credit college algebra; high school day in April.

Northland Pioneer: has one math faculty position open.

Paradise Valley: no report.

Phoenix: currently using a department questionnaire to assess student attitudes toward math as their required assessment project.

Pima: finally starting to see possibility of progress in spending the bond money for construction and renovation; assessment of problem-solving, effective communication and/or global awareness now occurring in all math courses meeting the general ed requirement.

Rio Salado: no report.

 Scottsdale: new Math/CIS building; hosting a math field day for high school students; using the new edition of CCH for calculus; M2C will have workshops on May 28-30 and June 18-20.

South Mountain: no report.

U of A: 3-unit college algebra will no longer be offered, only the 4-unit collegiate algebra will be offered next fall; also next fall will pilot new course to replace finite math and business calculus - (1) the new course will emphasize more statistics than previously and use Excel & MathCad, PowerPoint modules, (2) the two traditional courses will transfer from community colleges as before, but students will be required to take a 1 or 2-unit "patch course" to make up deficiencies, (3) this new course will not be offered in a computer classroom, so students will have to access computer labs outside of class, (4) 1 section of traditional finite math and 3 sections of traditional brief calculus will be offered for those students who need one of those courses for other programs.

Yavapai: Ron Adams is retiring.

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The Fall, 1998 meeting will be held at Cochise College, Sierra Vista on October 9. Watch your mailbox for details!

So thereís no FREE LUNCH, you say? Not true. The Fall, 1998 ArizMATYC meeting will have no registration fee and will include lunch provided by Cochise College.

The meeting will also feature expanded campus report time and more time for informal "chats."

Based on initial responses, you can expect presentations on

 and discussion sessions on issues such as

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 The 24th annual conference will be held in Portland, Oregon November 5-8, 1998. Information about the conference is available on the WEB at:

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The following members have been nominated to the executive board for 1999-2000.

For President Elect: Dennis Shaw

Dennis is a Mathematics Instructor at Phoenix College.

Degrees: B.S. Greenville College, Illinois, M.A. ASU, M.A. & ABD Ohio State University

Teaching Experience: 33 years in high school and College, 5.5 years at Rio Salado as chairman of Mathematics and Physical Science, 1.5 year at Phoenix College

I have been active member of AMATYC, MAA, and NSEA, AEA, NEA, and has served on several committees in the Maricopa district (District Curriculum Committee, Physics Instructional Counsel, Travel Committee - chairman, and Local Curriculum Committee.)

I have also been active in the M2C project and has written and won five grants (2 from NSF, 2 from TI, and 1 from Maple Software)

 For Secretary: Kate Kozak

Kate is a Mathematics instructor at Coconino CC.

Degrees: 1990 B.S. Mathematics and Physics, NAU, 1992 M.S. Mathematics emphasis Statistics, NAU

I have worked at the U.S. Geological Survey for 4 years performing data analysis and management. In addition, I assisted in a gravity anomaly study. I taught at Northern Arizona University for 3 years. I have been teaching for Coconino Community College for 6 years, the last 4 years as a full-time instructor. During that time I served on many committees including:

Academic Standards Committee as Chair, Student Retention Committee, College Leadership Committee as faculty representative, and AMATYC Student Math League test monitor

I have been very active in incorporating technology into the classroom and in using collaborative methods in teaching.

For Treasurer: Anne Dudley

Anne is a Mathematics instructor at Glendale College.

Anne has been an active member of AMATYC and ArizMATYC for 10 years.

As president of ArizMATYC she coordinated efforts to host a regional AMATYC meeting that was enjoyed by many and brought a (slight) increase to ArizMATYC's budget. She has the advantage of having the creator of the database (that holds our budget) close at hand for consultation when questions arise. Be it known that she is much more willing to spend money than the creator of said database!

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 Join us for the fall meeting at Cochise College, in October, and renew in person or take a moment to renew or extend your membership today!


Mail $5 dues and membership forms to:

Melinda Rudibaugh
ArizMATYC Treasurer
Chandler-Gilbert CC
2626 East Pecos Road
Chandler, AZ 85225



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