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President: Sharon Douglas, Cochise CC, Sierra Vista, AZ

President - Elect: Sam Borah, Pima CC - West, Tucson, AZ

Secretary: Sue Jensen, Pima CC - East, Tucson, AZ

Treasurer: Melinda Rudibaugh, Chandler-Gilbert CC, Chandler, AZ

Past President: Anne Dudley, Glendale CC, Phoenix, AZ

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NewsLetter Editor: Ray Battee, Cochise College, Douglas, Az

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February 28, 1997 - Arizona Western College

Minutes of the Business Meeting

The meeting was called to order at 3:45 pm by President Sharon Douglas.

1. No one from ArizMATYC has been nominated for the teacher excellence award. The nominating deadline has been extended to March 15; Sharon Douglas will nominate Beth Roberts; Ann Lindner will nominate David Dudley.

2. The 2002 AMATYC convention may be in Phoenix.

3. No site has been selected for the Spring, 1998 joint meeting with MAA. David Dudley will offer the Sierra Vista campus of Cochise C and Floyd Downs will check if ASU can accommodate the meeting.

4. We may have three speakers on board for the summer conference.

Respectfully submitted,
Ray Battee for Sue Jensen, Secretary


October 24-25, 1997 - Chandler-Gilbert, Williams Campus

Minutes of the Business Meeting

The meeting was called to order at 3:00 pm by President Sharon Douglas.

1. Ann Dudley submitted the financial report for the Southwest regional meeting in Flagstaff. Revenue = $40,934 and cost = $29,351 adding $11,583 to ArizMATYC "coffers".

2. Discussion followed leading to the following approved donations:

a) $25 (3) Barnes & Noble gift certificates to each of our featured speakers at this joint meeting.

b) $100 for the hospitality suite at the Atlanta AMATYC convention.

c) $500 for Student Math League competition; $350 (first) and $150 (second).

3. ArizMATYC delegates for the Atlanta convention are Diana Dwan, Ann Dudley, David Dudley, and Sharon Douglas. Other members attending the convention are encouraged to attend the delegate assembly meeting.

4. The Spring, 1998 joint meeting of ArizMATYC and MAA will be held at Pima-West, April 3-4, 1998.

5. The new ArizMATYC directory was distributed. Funding for printing was provided by Michelle Brown of Addison-Wesley. Thank you, Michelle.

6. Melinda Rudibaugh reported current financial status: $8236.50 in savings and $6249.55 in checking with a small number of outstanding uncashed checks.

7. Kudos to David Dudley. David has been elected Southwest regional Vice-President.

Respectfully submitted,
Ray Battee for Sue Jensen, Secretary

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Campus Reports (Spring & Fall)

ASU: (spring) Going to Harvard Calc only; Brief Calc and Finite going to more technology, but some senior faculty are opposed; graphing calcs required in Pre-Calc, Coll Alg, Int Alg, Beg Alg with TI-83 recommended; Opening in MathEd for Fall '97; committee studying effects of new regents requirements in Fall, '98; considering a recommendation that Int Alg no longer be accepted for transfer in Fall '98; discussions are under way as to whether the math requirement should be raised above Coll Alg. (fall) No report.

Arizona Western: (spring) Math 142 and Statistics are being developed as Internet courses. (fall) Math 142 and 270 (stat) are now available on the Internet.

Central Arizona: (spring) Three new AA degrees have been created; there is a push to offer all courses on the Internet with concerns about how to run Chem and Bio labs in that format. (fall) Walt Faucette is retiring at CAC, but would like to continue his career at a sister institution on a temporary full-time contract basis.

Chandler-Gilbert: (spring) New science building coming. (fall) The main campus will double in space within the year.

Cochise: (spring) One opening for Fall '97 at Douglas campus; Williams Balls is planning an Internet course; Kim Rogalsky will take over as Math head in Fall '97; Beth Roberts will participate in a faculty exchange program in Fall '97. (fall) Conquering Math Anxiety and Calc III will be offered in the ITV facility in Spring, '98; the Douglas campus welcomes new full-time faculty Ray Battee; one math faculty may attend the Kellogg Institute in July, '98.

Coconino: (spring)Instructional software package, PLATO, purchased 12/95, hope to offer courses at business and industry locations, no tutoring will be available on-site, plan to require a paper and pencil final exam, the package may also be made available over the Internet for about $18/month; two courses are being developed for the Internet through Arizona Learning Systems, Art Appreciation and Biology. (fall) The college has a $25 million bond election Nov 4 for phase one of construction of the new campus on 40 acres donated by NAU; requiring graphing calcs in Coll Alg and up; the college reduced the Math dept from 5 to 3 full-time faculty to shift resources to other areas.

Dine': (spring) no report.

(fall) Navajo college has been renamed "Dine'" College (ed note: I have used an apostrophe, but it should be an accent gravure over the "e"); Dr. Bahe Billy left after one year to pursue other interests, Dine' welcomes new full-time member Jeremiah Cronin; will use a reform Calc beginning in Spring, '98; working to develop Pre-Calc and Calc projects based on uranium and coal mining on the Navajo Nation (any information you may have on these would be helpful); many courses have been modified to include workshops emphasizing projects and problem solving, for Pre-Calc and Calc the workshops use the Treisman model, Coll Alg workshops are using a Navajo Earth Alg handbook.

Eastern Arizona: (spring) New computer lab now open with Gateway 166's; Dave Graser is using Mathcad in Brief Calc; the college may do away with enforcing Eng and Math prerequisites and allow students to self-place with no limit on repeats. (fall) Math numbering has been changed and will be cross-referenced for the time being; have developed Coll Math, 140; using one book for Beg and Int Alg.

Embry-Riddle: (spring) No report. (fall) No report.

Estrella Mountain: (spring) No report. (fall) No report.

Gateway: (spring) No report. (fall) No report.

Glendale: (spring) Having FTSE problem that are affecting funding of tutors, looking at giving work experience credit in lieu of money and having tutors training include observation time in local elementary schools. (fall) A Math field day has been proposed; $1000 is designated for Student Math League competition winners; have been trying 3 credit developmental courses in modules of 1-1-1, hasn't work well; looking at creating tutoring courses tied to developmental courses and offered at specific times and days.

Grand Canyon: (spring) No report. (fall) No report.

Mesa: (spring) Three openings for Fall '97; looking for textbooks for six courses; placement waivers are only allowed if signed by Math faculty member; reworking Math 102; looking at ASSET placement test, ACT says calculators will be allowed in Fall '97 but the test is the same and the time limit is the same, not happy with it and have askedACT to rewrite the test; assessment is at the basic skills level.

(fall) Intro Alg being offered in modules, successfully; common finals will be piloted Fall, '97 in Int Alg, plan to implement for Intro and Coll Alg in the future; looking at Academic Systems for a computer classroom.

Mohave: (spring) Four Math faculty are participating in the Emerging Technology Program with release time to improve teaching; money received from SoCAl Edison to purchase classroom sets of calculators; using the ASSET placement test, students can take another test to move higher; assessment is occurring in developmental classes.  (fall) Have developed Math 142.

NAU: (spring) No report. (fall) Staying with the Harvard Calc; working to reform Pre- Calc, using graphing calcs; two permanent lectureships have been filled; A proposed new Liberal Studies degree includes the possibility of eliminating any Math requirement.

Northland Pioneer: (spring) No report. (fall) New buildings on all 4 campuses; using a combined Elem and Int Alg book; have developed Math 142.

Paradise Valley: (spring) No report. (fall) Will double classroom space this year.

Phoenix: (spring) Boring semester; one opening for Fall '97; two students "losing cool" in classes this week, teachers with only college experience tend to react too fast or too slow, plan to have workshop in this area in Fall '97.

(fall) Using Latorre for Math 212; Phoenix welcomes new faculty, Kory Merkel; Using Larson & Hostettler combined book for Elem and Int Alg; Student Math League prizes include $1500 and calcs as follows, $600, $500, $400, TI-92 (2), TI-83 (3), plus $100 if top 5 in nation and $50 for winner of each round.

Pima: (spring) No report. (fall) Have questions about the numbering system; developing Math 151, asked for a show of hands - how many are running 4/3 credit courses; U of Phoenix is interested in transferring their Math 200, not sure if their is an equivalent course at Pima; Pima welcomes new faculty Mary Sibayan.

Rio Salado: (spring) No report. (fall) No report, but Dennis Shaw has moved over to Phoenix College.

Scottsdale: (spring) NCA site visit with favorable exit interview; specs are set for a new Math and Bus building; two Math and one Comp position for Fall '97; pilot independent study with Beg and Int Alg has reduced number of level changes during the semester. (fall) No report.

South Mountain: (spring) Switching to Harvard Calc in Fall '97; graphing calc's required in Coll Alg with classroom sets available for others, CBL's used for demo's; accreditation visit in '99; one new hire mid-year; new tech building; will begin Student Math League this year. (fall) Using reform Calc.

U of A: (spring) No report. (fall) Looking at a common 2-semester linear Calc sequence; more and more common finals are being given; looking at converting Finite and Brief Calc to spreadsheet-based curriculum; New 4-credit Collegiate Math is in place, Int Alg no longer accepted, 3-credit Coll Alg will be discontinued after Spring, '98.

Yavapai: (spring) final exam week has been eliminated; using ASSET placement test, don't like it, like self-placement; thinking about changing to the common numbering system, any money involved would help; asking for some of the innovation pot of money for tutorials on computers and the Internet. (fall) Asked for more time than one minute for campus reports and more free time at our meetings for sharing with colleagues; using a graphical approach book for Pre-Calc.

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The Spring, 1998 meeting will be held at Pima College West, April 3-4. This will be a joint meeting with MAA. Watch your mailbox for details!


Navajo College has changed it's name to Dine' College (ed. note: I have used an apostrophe - it is an accent gravure over the "e").

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